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Real People, Real Journeys

Our People in Action

These awesome Guests are all on their own unique journey but they have one big thing in common – a Quest for a more awesome life. Learn about their passions below to see how they use StorQuest as a springboard to Make Room For Awesome®.

Mike L.

Mirror Artist & Creator of a Modernized Disco Ball

Location: Denver, CO

Lawyer by day, artist by every other moment. Mike is inspiring and inspired – a deep thinker, he spends his free time reading, following innovators and their innovations, and communing with the natural world in his 4x4. His artistic talent runs the gamut, including reinventing the disco ball, which has since accompanied Bob Dylan, the Lumineers, and Nathaniel Radcliffe on stage.

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Man looking at reflection with hands in air
Women looking into window with reflection
Man looking into reflection and holding his own hand

Dass Shanti K.

Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

Location: Miami, FL

What doesn’t Dass Shanti love about life? She’s a passionate yogi, an inspirational leader when it comes to helping others find their true self and true nature, and she’s a bit of an adventurer. Dass Shanti finds India fascinating and considers her time spent there as educational as it was inspirational. Free to move with her StorQuest unit full, Dass Shanti is launching a life coaching business to help people find clarity to experience a more authentic and prosperous life.

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Yoga Instructor sitting down
Yoga Instructor standing in nature
Yoga Instructor in traditional dress and hands placed together
Yoga Instructor wearing traditional dress in open field

"The location is convenient, the price reasonable, it's clean, and the staff are kind and accommodating. And Kelly Slater? Hello!"

Taylor & Carla

Small Business Owners

Location: Portland, OR

Mother and daughter powerhouse – Taylor and Carla – are the dream team behind Oregon-based Portland Revibe, a business that breathes life back into really cool vintage items. Both inspired by fashion and home goods, the two love thrifting and the excitement of finding the perfect vintage piece to "revibe" or refurbish. Their hidden superpower: tackling huge customized sourcing & palletizing commercial bulk vintage projects.

Check out Taylor & Carla on Etsy

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Two women sitting together on couch
Portland Revive Vintage Collective Logo
3 people outdoors in the snow

Paul A.

Celebrity Chef

Location: Miami, FL

It’s an understatement to say that Paul loves food. His company’s – Silver Spoon Events – mantra is healthy living with a gourmet taste. Paul loves everything that goes along with nourishment – fresh foods, local foods, and foods that fuel. Because of his affinity for eating well, he is a high-in-demand chef to celebrities and organizers of upscale private events. All this means is that Paul has the freedom to follow his palate and be creative and innovative when it comes to mealtime.

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Gentlemen posing with arms crosses and smiling
Man posing with dish he prepared
Man posing in kitchen with prepped meals
Man posing in kitchen

Jordan K.


Location: Hermosa Beach, CA

Outdoor enthusiast Jordan Kahana quit his job to travel the country and rescued two abandoned pups along the way. He uses his StorQuest unit to make room for awesome in his life (and his apartment). He’s stoked to travel freely with peace of mind that all of his belongings are safe & sound until he gets back. Adventure on, Adventure Squad!

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Man outside with hat and mountains in background
Man sitting in off road vehicle
Man in hot air balloon
Man standing next to off road vehicle

Jesse Billauer

2x World Adaptive Surfing Champion & Life Rolls On Founder

Jesse Billauer is a world-class athlete, traveler, and motivational speaker. He was one of the top junior surfers in the world and was on his way to going pro, when a tragic surfing accident left him paralyzed. With the help of the surfing community, family, and friends, Jesse was able to get back in the water and win the title of World Champion Adaptive Surfer.

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Surfer riding a wave
Man in wheelchair overlooking traditional ruins
Jesse Billauer smiling
Jesse Billauer sitting on beach with 2 children

Kyle F.

Outdoor Enthusiast & Digital Product Designer

Location: Boulder, CO

Kyle’s got a knack for all things outdoors. From 50K trail runs to backcountry skiing and epic multi-day rafting expeditions, Kyle loves to “get amongst it”. With so much gear taking over his living room, StorQuest helped him reclaim his space and make even more room for adventure.

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3 people sitting on overlook with 2 tents outdoors
Man on mountain bike
Man riding mountain bike
Man standing on peak of mountain

Rodrigo T.

Adventure Photographer

Location: San Diego, CA

As an adventure photographer, Rod collects a lot of outdoor gear. He not only works with epic brands but is passionate about his hobbies and spending time exploring the world. As Rod continued to grow his photography business, he realized it was time for an upgrade. He now uses his StorQuest Self Storage unit as a basecamp to keep all his gear in one, organized spot. By adding shelving and keeping his gear labeled and organized by season and activity, he is able to find what he needs quickly and efficiently.

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Man taking picture while seating on top of vehicle hood
Man carrying paddle and pulling raft
Man doing a wheelie on mountain bike
Man sitting in kayak

Stacey B.

StorQuest Manager and Outdoor Enthusiast

Location: Sonora, CA

World, meet Stacey B. An avid outdoor explorer, awesome father and a valued member of the StorQuest family. He truly embodies the #MakeRoomForAwesome mentality and with a no excuses attitude he works as hard as he plays.

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2 people over looing mountainside
2 people overlooking lake
Person standing on boat in a lake

Dr. Cliff K.

Pro Surfer, Scientist & Conservationist

Location: Hilo, HI

Dr. Cliff Kapono is a Hawaiian native and his love for the ocean runs deep. Not only is Cliff a professional surfer, he’s also a scientist, journalist and ocean conservationist. StorQuest is stoked to support Cliff on his journey to a more awesome life by providing a basecamp for all of his boards and gear across the islands.

Check out Dr. Cliff on Instagram

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Man sitting next to tent with gear
Man standing outside storquest location with surf gear
Man laying in grass surrounded by surf boards
Man sitting surf board
Man riding a wave

Gold Rush Cure Foundation

Non-Profit Organization

Location: Gilbert, AZ

StorQuest serves as a basecamp to many awesome people and businesses but we are most honored to be there for the nonprofits that work tirelessly to improve the lives of others. Gold Rush Cure Foundation is on a mission to reach every child fighting cancer and provide encouragement through their Pot of Gold program, while also advocating for cures on a legislative level.

2 people standing behind donated goods
lady and child opening donated gifts
young child opening gifts
Man and child opening gifts
people packaging supplies and resources

Sean C.

Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker

Location: Los Angeles, CA

As a two-time Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Sean has tons of gear and gadgets that are necessary to his business and his success. He not only runs a full-service video production company, but he also makes sure to carve out plenty of time to enjoy his hobbies which include travelling, photography, hiking, fishing, and climbing. He uses StorQuest as his basecamp for his extensive gear collection and to keep his van safe when he’s not out road tripping across the country.

Check out Sean on Instagram

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Sean C. in Gilette Stadium
Man standing overlooking the lake
snow gear and snowboard sitting in the snow
man on hike

Kristin B.

Small Business Owner

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Meet Kristin - a strong, creative and talented woman who just launched her new jewelry company, From Me to You! We’re stoked to support everyone’s hobbies and new business ventures so we were thrilled to hear that Kristin chose StorQuest as the home base for this big, new project.


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"We love the facilities (restroom and space to work), service, staff, bright natural light, security, and accessibility."