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A picture of Paul in a chef apron leaning on a countertop with two vegetable-based meals on white plates.

Paul A. | Celebrity Chef | Miami, FL


It’s an understatement to say that Paul loves food. His company’s – Silver Spoon Events – mantra is healthy living with a gourmet taste. Paul loves everything that goes along with nourishment – fresh foods, local foods, and foods that fuel. Because of his affinity for eating well, he is a high-in-demand chef to celebrities and organizers of upscale private events. All this means is that Paul has the freedom to follow his palate and be creative and innovative when it comes to mealtime.

Check out Paul on Instagram.

What are your hobbies?

Cooking, working out, traveling, and reading.

What brands and products can you not live without?

Apple, Mac, chef knives, and the SNRK project.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?


How do you spend your weekends?

Usually working.

What are your favorite TV shows, books, music genres/artists and/or podcasts?

A Cook’s Tour and CSI Miami. I listen to classic rock and Tony Robbins.

Who do you admire or who inspires you?

Eric Ripert of NYC’s restaurant and Le Bernardin.

What's your guilty pleasure?


What is something you’re the most proud of?

Moving away from home and starting my own business.

Tell us about a time you did something out of your comfort zone or overcame a tremendous obstacle.

Cooked for a 600+ person event.

How do you use your StorQuest unit?

Catering storage.

Why did you choose to store with StorQuest?

Close to home.

What do you love about StorQuest?

The manager John and friendly staff. Also, the cleanliness!

What does “Make Room for Awesome®” mean to you?

Knowing your client's expectations before they ask.

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