Tony Hawk: Skateboarding Icon and StorQuest Ambassador

12-time World Champion skateboarder. Businessman. Powerhouse charity fundraiser. Video game character, and StorQuest guest. Tony Hawk has worn a lot of hats (and sometimes helmets). And his journey has left him with an incredible collection of stuff: priceless memorabilia, sentimental faves, and plenty of notable accolades. Tony’s stash of awesome collectibles could fill an entire storage unit. In fact, it has.
If you’ve ever wondered what the first ever X Games medal looks like, which Hawk shoe design Tony regrets the most, or wanted to see a bowling ball that raised hundreds of thousands for charity, you’re going to be as inspired as much as we are.

Tony Hawk debuts a new trick at StorQuest Self Storage

Tony's Stash

We’re stoked that Tony trusts StorQuest Self Storage with his most valued possessions. From skate decks to art prints, gold medals to shoe prototypes, and action figures to larger-than-life checks for charitable causes, Tony has truly lived a “Life Worth Storing.”

First skate deck. First X Games medal. From original skateboarding compilation tapes, to prototypes of Hawk skate shoes, to shelves on shelves of major awards, every piece tells a story.

Among the most rare pieces in the collection is a vintage Animal Chin “Have You Seen Him” t-shirt, which became one of the most sought-after pieces of skater apparel in history. Tony also proudly (and in some cases, not so proudly) displays several original prototypes of the legendary Airwalk Tony Hawk Series skate shoe.

Tony’s stash also includes sentimental favorites, like over a dozen skate decks from his Birdhouse imprint. There’s also a first-edition VHS copy of the tape that put Tony on the map, a DIY production known as “Feasters.”

And then there’s an original Mammoth gondola. A literal, life-sized gondola. “Long story,” Tony says.

Tony Hawk shows off some cool shoes at StorQuest Self Storage
Tony Hawk in his storage unit at StorQuest Self Storage
Tony shows off a medal

Hawk Highlights

  • Tony’s first-ever signature skate deck 
  • X Games Medals: 10 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze 
  • Nickelodeon Kids Choice “Blimp” Trophies for Favorite Athlete: 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008 
  • Teen Choice “Surfboard” Award for Best Male Athlete: 2004 
  • Tony Hawk Foundation Commemorative Bowling Ball

As Tony tours his collection, nothing tells a more impactful story than memorabilia from the nonprofit Tony Hawk Foundation (now called The Skatepark Project). Among Tony’s proudest pieces is a trophy check for $480,516.29 to build a new youth skate park in an underserved community.

Tony riding the halls of StorQuest Self Storage
Prized possessions, like this sought-after Animal Chin poster, are safe at StorQuest Self Storage
Oversized checks from the Tony Hawk Foundation

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