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Rod sitting on Jeep

Rodrigo T. | Adventure Photographer


As an adventure photographer, Rodrigo collects a lot of outdoor gear. He not only works with epic brands but is passionate about his hobbies and spending time exploring the world. His favorite way to get outside and into nature is kayaking, as he feels “there is no better feeling than paddling out early in the morning, feeling the warmth of the sun rising from the mountains and being in complete solitude.”

Rod Trevino

As an avid traveler, Rod has already seen many of the countries on his bucket list. So far, Norway holds the top spot due to it’s dramatic landscapes but he also highly recommends Patagonia and Italy. This year, he’s working on finishing up his camper build out so he can hit the road. While building out his ideal adventure mobile, he’s making room for his top priorities which are food and clothing storage plus a secure yet accessible spot to keep his camera gear safe. When complete, he plans on living in the camper while exploring the US and Mexico. Many people dream of traveling the world as an adventure photographer and his best tips are to not be discouraged by expensive camera gear. “Focus on what is really important; Lighting, composition and subject. Put those 3 ingredients together and your photos will look amazing, even with a smartphone.”

Rod Trevino

As Rod continued to grow his photography business, he realized it was time for an upgrade. He now uses his StorQuest Self Storage unit as a basecamp to keep all his gear in one, organized spot. By adding shelving and keeping his gear labeled and organized by season and activity, he is able to find what he needs quickly and efficiently. He truly believes when there is less clutter in your life, there is more room to explore all that life has to offer. He thoroughly enjoys surfing, kayaking, camping, and hiking – all of which require gear he just doesn’t have room for at home.

Rod Trevino

We can all live big like Rod no matter how small our space is. As Rod explains “I’m grateful to have a place to store my gear since I don’t have a big garage. StorQuest makes it easy to layout all my gear neatly and ready to grab and go onto my next adventure.” When you’re ready to load up and live big, give us a ring 24/7 at (800) 784-9176 to see how your StorQuest Self Storage unit can be used as a springboard into your next awesome adventure.

Rod Trevino

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