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Gold Rush Cure Foundation

Gold Rush Cure Foundation


StorQuest serves as a basecamp to many awesome people and businesses but we are most honored to be there for the nonprofits that work tirelessly to improve the lives of others. Gold Rush Cure Foundation is on a mission to reach every child fighting cancer and provide encouragement through their Pot of Gold program, while also advocating for cures on a legislative level.

Gold Rush Cure Foundation was started in honor of Christian Barker who lost his battle with a rare form of Leukemia in 2007. Since then, his parents and their many awesome volunteers have delivered over 700 Pots of Gold in partnership with over 90 children’s hospitals and clinics. These packages are personalized gifts that are carefully timed, wrapped and delivered by trained volunteers who know how to show up big for families going through the impossible.

We would like to extend a special shout out to Jeremy Bliler on their Board of Directors and Gina Sbraccia who leads their storage unit operations out of our StorQuest Self Storage facility in Arizona. They have been a part of over 100 deliveries for children fighting cancer, volunteering to prep, wrap and coordinate shipments throughout the state. With chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego, Colorado, New York, and Salt Lake City, they hope to expand to every major city in the US.

StorQuest helps to keep all their valuables organized and secure so they are able to get as many packages out as possible and continue to put smiles on the face of kids everywhere.

“The safety, lighting, and welcoming environment makes a huge difference when we bring in volunteers to wrap and prepare the personalized gift deliveries that bring hope and encouragement to children fighting cancer in our area. Look at what this single storage space does and the impact it can make in the community!” raves Jeremy. Are you ready to #MakeRoomForAwesome and brighten a kid’s day? Donate or volunteer at Gold Rush Cure Foundation here. Every dollar, every set of hands, and every storage space makes a difference. Let’s all come together to help make the world a more awesome place!

Do you run an awesome business with the help of StorQuest? Let us know here.

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