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Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative

Real People Real Journeys Blog: Hawaii Legacy Reforestation


Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative (HLRI) is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 that works to preserve economically viable and sustainable native Hawaiian forests, protect Hawaii’s endangered species, sequester carbon, and recharge watersheds. We are stoked to support Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative with a basecamp at StorQuest Self Storage in Honolulu for all the equipment required to run their organization smoothly and host planting events across the islands.


Hawaiian forests provide critical habitat for some of Hawaii’s rarest birds and protects Hawaii’s reef and ocean life. Currently, their forests are located on the Big Island of Hawaii and Oahu. To date they have planted over 602,000 native/endemic trees! They are the only project who can account for every tree because they geo-tag each one with unique RFID numbers. They are also the only Gold Standard certified reforestation project in the United States and the only carbon certified project period in the state of Hawaii.


Hawaii used to be the most bio-diverse eco-system in the world. Today, it is known as the "Extinction Capital of the World” with the most amount of species on the Endangered Species list. This is due to the introduction of invasive species and deforestation. The native/endemic forests do more than clean the air and provide shade – they also protect their watershed and reefs. Without native forests, Hawaii's incredibly productive marine eco-system would collapse. Native forests are VITAL to the survival of their endemic reefs.

Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative chose to keep their gear at StorQuest because of the affordable price, convenience and friendly customer service. They especially love the staff, cleanliness and commitment to helping the community. For every new storage unit rented in Hawaii, StorQuest donates $1 to support Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative. Be sure to check out their projects and donate to their great cause here.

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