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Image of a crowd of people at a concert with a large disco ball centered over the stage

Mike L. | Artist, Mirror Artist & Creator of a Modernized Disco Ball | Denver, CO


Lawyer by day, artist by every other moment. Mike is inspiring and inspired – a deep thinker, he spends his free time reading, following innovators and their innovations, and communing with the natural world in his 4x4. His artistic talent runs the gamut, including reinventing the disco ball, which has since accompanied Bob Dylan, the Lumineers, and Nathaniel Radcliffe on stage.

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What are your hobbies?

Making art, reading, camping, skiing, learning music, and crafting stories.

What brands and products can you not live without?

Not so much brands, as much as tools. I need machining equipment, welders, chop saws, glass cutters, and LED lights. Oh, and my truck.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

4x4 off-roading in an isolated place followed by glamping.

How do you spend your weekends?

Usually working on a quick-turnaround art installation or going out for Dim Sum (Chinese brunch) with my girlfriend and friends.

What are your favorite TV shows, books, music genres/artists and/or podcasts?

Most books I read are about art, science, or sales. I just started “Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light” by Leonard Shlain and I'm very excited for it. I mostly like rock ‘n' roll or electronic music. As for podcasts, I listen to The Adventure Zone for entertainment. It’s a podcast about three adult brothers and their father who play Dungeons and Dragons, and it's hilarious.

Who do you admire or who inspires you?

Innovators, regardless of the field. People with enormous vision and courage to take risks and potentially change the world.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Playing my PS4 Pro.

What is something you’re the most proud of?

I created a new type of the disco ball that hangs in Denver's Mission Mission. It's 8-feet in diameter, a 6v geodesic sphere, made of 720 panels of hand-hammered mirrored stainless steel, with a 200,000 lumen internal light projection system, and independent equatorial and multi-hemispheric rotation system, all controlled with DMX through Ethernet. Many globally famous artists have performed under it, including but not limited to Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock, and Nathaniel Radcliffe and The Night Sweats.

Tell us about a time you did something out of your comfort zone or overcame a tremendous obstacle.

Creating a modern version of the disco ball. It was for a multi-billion dollar client, a highly complex machine that had never been built before with an incredibly tight production schedule. We overcame multiple lead time challenges, did the project at budget, and installed with one day to spare. Since then, its reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

How do you use your StorQuest unit?

Storing my art materials, art installation components, and sculptures that are for sale.

Why did you choose to store with StorQuest?

It's only 10 blocks away from my house.

What do you love about StorQuest?

Its location makes it very convenient for me to pick up and drop off my art materials.

What does “Make Room for Awesome®” mean to you?

I feel this phrase is aligned to why I have the storage unit. Having storage allows me to separate my art materials from my home, leaving my home with more space to display my finished works of art.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I appreciate the positive difference StorQuest makes for my life! Saves me time and allows me to have a more beautiful home.

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