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Top 5 Tips to Get Your Outdoor Gear Organized This Spring


Spring is fast approaching. StorQuest is here to help you get all your gear organized so you can hit the ground running toward your next adventure! Here are five tips to organize your outdoor gear like a storage pro this spring.

Scrub Your Stuff

With lots of gear comes lots of cleaning. Dust, dirt, gunk, grime – it’s all got to go before you start arranging your space. But don’t worry. Once you get going, washing, sponging, and scrubbing your stuff transforms from tedious chore to relaxing ritual. It feels good to clean it all up! Move from one activity to the next to help you stay focused.

Maximize Your Space

It’s best to keep your gear in the same space, be it your garage, shed, or storage unit. That way you always know where to look for your stuff. But even if you’re working with a smaller storage space, you can get creative to maximize the room you have. Utilize vertical space with wall and ceiling hooks, strategic shelving, and pegboards to organize all your accessories. Pre-pack your camping backpack. Use stackable, high-quality plastic bins for items that can be grouped together. Don’t forget to label everything!

What Stays? What Goes?

To make the most of your space, get rid of anything you’re no longer going to use. If your out-of-use gear is still in good condition, donate, sell, or gift it. If it can’t be refurbished or repurposed, recycle it. Use this opportunity to invest in any upgrades you’ve been considering.

Weatherproof Your Space

Don’t let moisture damage your gear. Humidity brings mold and mildew, which is why it’s so important to keep your space dry and invest in insulation. You can also pick up some silica desiccant packs to toss into your storage tubs to absorb moisture. If you’re considering self storage, go for a climate-controlled unit. For more on how to weatherproof your storage space, check out our handy guide.

Make It Yours

Ultimately, the space needs to be functional in a way that works for your purposes. Your most-used gear should be the most accessible. If you’re planning on paddleboarding every weekend, streamline the loading and unloading process. The easier it is to get to, the more you’ll use it.

Your space should inspire you. Personalize it. Hang up pictures of past adventures. Make a map that tells you where all your items are stored. Use a whiteboard to keep a running list of everything you’re going to do this season. Motivate yourself to live big and stay true to your goals.

Explore More

If you don’t have enough room for all your gear, we’ve got you covered. StorQuest facilities are always located close to adventure! Make room for awesome with an epic hobby closet. Find a unit near you and start storing today.

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