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5 Tips for Weatherproofing Your Garage or Storage Unit


Weather changes – but the condition of your gear doesn’t have to. Protecting your stuff stored in your garage or storage unit from extreme shifts in temperature and humidity is necessary in preventing mold, mildew, and damage to your property. Properly weatherproofing your space also helps keep water out and pests away from nesting in your home and causing further problems. StorQuest has put together a quick guide to give your stuff the protection it needs to stay in tip-top shape throughout the year.

Invest in Insulation

Your garage door is the primary barrier protecting your stuff from all the outside elements that can damage your valuables. That’s why insulation is so important – you need to keep your garage or storage unit dry and airtight. Invest in an insulated garage door to safeguard your space. You can also add insulation on your walls in the winter if you find your garage keeps losing heat. If you want to go the extra mile, consider installing a storm shield for your garage door.

Keep Your Space Dry

Nature has a habit of finding its way through even the tiniest cracks. A small snag in a seal can turn into a big problem. Inspect your space for any cracks and tears and seal them. Wipe down anything wet – bike tires after a ride in the rain can introduce unwanted moisture. Cardboard soaks up moisture and will inevitably lead to mold. Go for heavy duty plastic storage containers instead. You’ll thank yourself later.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Circulation is key in keeping your space well ventilated and free of humid air. Open the windows, let the sun in. Fans are very useful. Your best bet is to use a combination of ceiling and standing fans. And of course, get yourself a dehumidifier – its sole purpose is to extract moisture. 

Use a Space Heater

Every time you open your garage, you are letting out a bunch of heat. Throughout the winter, it’s important to make sure your space doesn’t drop to freezing temperatures. Prolonged exposure to the cold can damage your electronics. If you live in an area where freezing temperatures are common, get yourself a space heater to keep your stuff safe.

Consider Climate Control

Sometimes it’s just easier to let the professionals handle everything. If you’re already looking to keep your things in self storage, your best bet in maintaining the quality of your valuables and protecting them from weather-related damage is to rent a climate-controlled unit. This specialty storage keeps your unit’s temperature and humidity within a safe range year-round. 

Your Stuff Matters. So Does Your Journey.

Are you looking for a place to keep your gear in between big adventures? Don’t settle for less. Find a StorQuest location near you and start making room for more awesome.

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