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Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Stay Positive During COVID-19


All this time spent indoors is the chance to take care of some of the at-home projects you’ve been meaning to get to – like organizing and cleaning. While you’re at it, why not prepare for your next outdoor adventure? StorQuest has put together a few tips to help you get started.

Make DIY Cleaning Supplies

Before you pull out the sponges and start scrubbing, you’re going to need cleaning products. But what do you do if your local store shelves are empty? Making your own cleaning supplies is much easier – and more cost-effective – than you think.

Many DIY recipes call for basic ingredients you likely already have in your home. Water, white vinegar, and baking soda are a classic go-to combination that will take care of just about anything.

Pro Tip: If your store-bought cleaning sprays are on their last few drops, don’t toss out the bottles. Wash them and reuse them for your DIY solutions.

Keep Your Gear in Tip-Top Shape

Is your tent zipper always getting stuck in the same spot? Does your backpack smell like last summer’s adventure? Are your skis done for the season? While you are limited in your outdoor excursions now, preparing for future adventures by tuning-up your gear is a productive way to stay focused on the positive. So, get to work on your bike’s gearing and that ripped sleeve on your favorite puffy jacket, and set yourself up for your next great adventure when the day finally comes.

Reorganize & Restructure

Reshaping your living space can help your home feel more alive. Think about what you need. Do you miss the outdoors? Get yourself some houseplants. Do you spend more time than you’d like to admit watching TV in bed? Move it to another room. The simple act of reorganization alone can do wonders. You’ll feel good knowing you have everything you need – and that you know where everything is when you need it.

A Little Bit Every Day

You may be feeling overwhelmed thinking about all the rooms that need to be cleaned and all the gear that needs your care. Not to worry – there’s no need to do all this at once. Taking on one project a day is a good way to stay motivated. Make a list and check off that one item every day to provide yourself a sense of accomplishment. You’ve got this.

Awesome Is Always Within Reach

StorQuest Self Storage is here for you 24/7 with No Touch Rentals and round-the-clock customer support. You can even have moving and storing supplies shipped straight to your door.


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