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How to Prep Your Space for Epic Explorations


You’ve got your gear. You’ve got your space. Now it’s time to optimize. Whether you’re renting a storage unit or renovating your garage, StorQuest is here with some tips and tricks to help you prep your storage space for all your epic explorations.

Start With Inventory

Make a list of everything you want to keep. For now, don’t worry about how you’re going to organize it all. Just ensure you have a running list of your essential gear. While you’re at it, take this time to inspect your stuff to check if all the pieces and accessories are there, and that everything is in working order. If your gear’s looking a little worse for wear, note that it needs to be repaired, cleaned, or touched up. Come across some things you no longer use? You know the drill. Gift, donate, repurpose, or resell.

Look Up

If your space has high ceilings, you’re in luck. Vertical space gives you that much more room to play with when you’re blueprinting your arrangement. Storing mountain bikes? Install ceiling mounts. They’re easy to use and they help you utilize otherwise unused space. But even if you don’t have that much verticality to play with, you can still get some use out of your wall space. Get strategic with wall shelf placement. Use pegboards to keep loose tools and keys. Wall hooks are great for backpacks.

Stack Those Stackable Bins

Cardboard boxes are fine for a temporary move, but if you’re serious about turning your space into a legit gear haven, think about investing in stackable, high-quality plastic bins. Get it wet and cardboard turns into a mildew magnet. Not so great for your gear. Plastic bins are not only waterproof, but they’re also uniform in size, making it much easier to keep everything neat and orderly to maximize precious space. Don’t forget to label everything!

Weatherproof Your Space

When it comes to your prized possessions, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Heat and humidity bring moisture, mold, and mildew. To protect your stuff, invest in insulation, keep your space dry, and ensure your space is properly ventilated. Alternatively, you could rent a climate-controlled unit, which will do all the work for you. Check out our guide for weatherproofing your garage to get the full rundown.

Final Steps

Once you have your inventory and know what you’re working with, it’s time to finalize your arrangement. Make sure your most-used gear is the most accessible. Leave room for a walking path and then some for when you need to shuffle things around to access your gear in the back. When it comes to the heavy lifting, take frequent breaks, stay hydrated, and motivate yourself by thinking about the awesome adventures that lie ahead.

Explore More With StorQuest

Here at StorQuest, we’re all about exploring the great outdoors. That’s why our locations are conveniently close to countless opportunities for adventure. Get the space you need to explore more at a StorQuest facility near you.

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