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6 Tips for Moving During a Pandemic


We can all agree that normal routines for everyday life and planned adventures have been forever altered or placed on hold. However, a move is not something that can wait. Whether you’re moving across town, the state, or the country, StorQuest has put together a list of tips to help make sure your relocation goes smoothly.

Is Moving Essential?

First off, is moving right now essential? Or can you postpone your move for a month or two? Check-in with your landlord or new employer to see if you can shift your move-out date or start day. Lots of companies are willing to work with you through difficult times, especially during a global pandemic, so it’s always worth asking. But, if you aren’t able to delay, don’t sweat it. There are still ways to stay safe and have an easy moving experience.

Moving Services

Opt for a container because enlisting the services of a container moving company means you are in control of placing your belongings in a sealed container under your own timeline. The container is picked up and shipped to your new location. A phone call to schedule the size of the container and your drop-off and pick-up dates are all you need to get started.

Storage as an Option

Sometimes moving is easier if you can temporarily store your belongings and furnishings in a storage unit. StorQuest’s No Touch Rentals and month-to-month leases give you freedom to move at your own pace with a safe and contact-free move-in process.

Personal Moving Is Still an Option

Sometimes taking things into your own hands is the best option. Even if you’re renting a moving truck, you’ll be able to minimize contact. Gather your checklist and family of helpers, and get moving. This way, you have control over your schedule and can ensure your belongings stay safe during the move. To make things even easier, use StorQuest’s online store to get packing supplies shipped straight to your door.

Other Things to Consider

If you do enlist a moving service to help you make your next move, make sure you understand their policies on cancellation and schedule changes. During a crisis, no one is in control and contracting with a company that clearly spells out its services in a pandemic is important.

Your Journey Is Just one Aspect of Your Awesome Life

As you begin to adjust to your new set of circumstances, StorQuest has plenty of tips to help you stay safe and awesome during COVID-19. Check out our blog for up-to-date tips on how to continue to find your awesome in life.

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