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Your Ultimate Moving Day Checklist


Let's face it – moving is hard. Having a checklist when moving day rolls around is the best strategy to keep you on schedule and focused on the end goal, which is making the epic leap to what’s next. Here is StorQuest's ultimate moving day checklist.

1.) Get Up Early & Get Nourished

Moving day is a marathon and you need to be ready. Allow yourself enough time to eat a healthy, protein-packed breakfast. Also, adding a healthy fat, like half an avocado, will help keep those hunger pangs away until lunchtime. Moving is stressful enough, and a breakfast that offers the nutrients that go the distance will ensure you feel less anxious about the task at hand. Now get moving!

2.) Finish That Last-Minute Packing

No matter how much you plan for moving day, there are always those last-minute items that aren't packed – the ones that you are not sure what to do with or how to label the box once full. These little things can make your move feel overwhelming. While these items seem impossible to categorize into just one box, they need to make the move with you. This is your chance to create a miscellaneous box, deposit those items into it, and move on with your morning.

3.) Clean

You've negotiated your exit from your current home and that means leaving it as spotless as when you moved in. Luckily, you've cleaned the rooms you've packed up already and shut the door, which leaves only a few rooms in your home to give a once-over, like the kitchen, the living area, your bedroom, and the bathroom (yet another reason to rise early on moving day).

4.) Sequester Your Pet

Helping your four-legged friend through the move is top of mind. It's best to keep them calm on moving day by finding a quiet room for them to hang out – a room that is empty and will likely not be disturbed by movers. Consider the bathroom for cats – it's cozy, has room for a litter box, and space to hide. For your dog, consider a bedroom or keep them on leash at your side. You both might appreciate the support.

5.) Manage the Movers

Whether the movers are professional or are made up of an army of friends and family, plan to give direction on the items that need to be moved first. This includes creating an obstacle-free path to the moving truck and identifying those belongings that are breakable.

6.) Pack Your Essentials & Keep Them Close

Packing the essentials means saying goodbye to your old home one last time. Save a box big enough to hold your toiletries, favorite water bottle and coffee mug, your laptop, and clean clothes for the next day or two. This box goes with you in your car or the front of the moving van. On the flip side, it will also keep these items organized and readily available when you land in your new home.

7.) Arrive at Your New Home

It's been a long but organized day, thanks to this list. Now it's go-time for your new life. Head to the grocery store to pick up whole, nourishing foods to get you through your first week in your new home, unpack your essentials and set up your bed, introduce yourself to the neighbors, and then grab a craft brew and relax in your new space. Bask in the confidence knowing this will be an epic experience.

New Home Means New Adventures

At StorQuest, we believe storage should be an easy journey. That's why we make storing your stuff simple and convenient. Find a StorQuest location near you and see how storage should be.

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