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5 Locker Storage Tips for Winter Sports Enthusiasts


A storage locker at StorQuest Self Storage is the ultimate home base for all your outdoor gear. Whether it’s a home for your skis or snowboards between powder days or a place to keep your cross-country skis or snowshoes between bluebird days in the backcountry, these small spaces are here to help you live bigger. Here are five locker storage tips for winter sports enthusiasts.

Why a Storage Locker?

Playing hard requires a lot of gear. Don’t let all that equipment overtake your house or garage. A small self storage unit at StorQuest is the ultimate adventure cheat code. Set up your space, pack it with all your gear, and then swing by and grab what you need when you need it. Whether that’s on the way to the mountain, the sno-park, or the snowshoe trail. Wherever your next adventure takes you, count on StorQuest to help make it happen.

Go Vertical

And we don’t just mean nailing epic jumps on the slopes! Tall shelving and wall hooks go a long way to optimizing your space. Looking for some inspo? Check out this video from StorQuest ambassador Abe Kislevitz, a creative director and outdoor enthusiast who crafted an epic hobby closet to corral all his gear. 

Organize Strategically

The key to an awesome gear locker is easy access. As you set up your space, make sure the gear you’ll use most is toward the front of the unit. This is where going vertical and maximizing wall space comes in handy, especially when it comes to storing gear like skis and snowboards. Invest in hooks and racks that keep your gear confined to the wall. That way you can leave a little alleyway at the center of the unit for easy access.

Find the Right Location

When finding the perfect StorQuest facility to store your winter sports gear, keep location in mind. If possible, be sure to choose the one that’s on the way to the ski mountain or backcountry. Thankfully, StorQuest has state-of-the-art facilities in a wide range of adventure-filled areas.

Tuning & Waxing Station

As you organize your storage locker, consider dedicating some space to a tuning and waxing station. Invest in a compact work bench that folds down and is easy to tuck away. Not only is it super convenient to have this kind of setup where you store your gear, but it saves a ton of space at home.

Adventure Starts Here

Live your best life with the help of StorQuest. Find the location closest to you and start making room for more adventure in your life today. For more tips on creating the ultimate hobby closet, check out this blog post.

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