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5 Hobbies That Benefit From Self Storage


Self storage is great for keeping your things while you move or renovate your home, but a storage unit can also be a great way to take your hobbies to the next level. StorQuest has put together a quick list of five hobbies that benefit from having the extra space and services a self storage unit provides.

All Things Outdoors

Here at StorQuest, we are all about living out loud. The great outdoors offers plenty of awesome adventures for you to enjoy – and sometimes all you need is a little extra space to make room for more awesome in your life. Whether you just need a place near the beach to keep your growing surfboard collection or a space to keep all your camping gear, your storage unit can help you make it happen.

RV, Boat & Auto Adventures

Maybe your HOA doesn’t want an RV parked on the side of the road. Maybe you just want a place to keep your ride during the offseason. Whatever your reason, RV, boat, and auto storage can give your favorite toys their home away from home, and empower you to take on the open road – or sea – whenever you feel like embarking on your next epic journey. 


All wine enthusiasts know how temperamental their favorite drink can be. You need to keep your wine cool – but not too cool. You need a stable environment, free of light. Depending on where you live, humidity levels can be a problematic factor. Professional wine storage will help keep your wine in pristine condition year-round.

Restoration Projects

Do you have a knack for refurbishing vintage furniture? Taking on big restoration projects takes big space. A storage unit can make for the perfect place to work on your projects and keep all your tools and equipment all within arm’s reach.


Let’s face it. Art can get pretty messy at times. Plus, unless you’re working digital only, you’re going to start running out of space for your artwork and supplies pretty quickly. That’s where creative solutions come into play. Turn your storage unit into an art studio, an epic hobby closet, or both, and marvel at your many masterpieces. Climate-controlled storage will keep your artwork and supplies in tip-top shape all year long.

Your Partner in Awesome

Looking to level up your hobbies with a storage unit perfect for you? Find a nearby location and start making room for more awesome with StorQuest.

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