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5 Awesome Tips for a Speedy Spring Cleaning


Springtime offers a great opportunity to rid your household of the winter blues and fill your life with warmth and energy. As the snow melts, the outdoors are awakening with endless amounts of adventures to discover. This spring, we encourage you to start fresh and make room for awesome with these cleaning tips.

Love It or Leave It

The first step in organizing an efficient spring clean is getting rid of all the household items you don’t need anymore. If you don’t love it, get rid of it. This way, there’s much less to clean, you have more room to work with, and you’ll discover areas of your house you haven’t seen since you moved in. Donating old items is a much better way to let go than just dumping them in the trash. Take advantage of the natural urge that comes each spring to get rid of stuff that is weighing you down and start making room for whatever adventure life has in store for you next.

Swap Out Seasonal Gear

Once you’ve rid your home of the extra stuff, it’s time to de-winterize. During winter, the garage becomes a popular place to store things until there isn’t even room for your car anymore. With winter in the rearview, it’s time to ditch the heavy outerwear and boots for tank tops and shorts. Items like skis, snowboards, shovels, and snowmobiles are no good once the temperature starts to rise, so offload those things to your StorQuest Self Storage unit until the snow starts to fall again.

Clean Like There Is No Tomorrow

There’s no way around it: Your home isn’t going to clean itself. Once you have all of your cleaning supplies laid out, your gloves are on, and your “pump up” playlist is blaring, it’s time to get to work. Spring cleaning only comes around once a year, so put your head down and begin the battle with dust. Make sure to mop the kitchen, scrub the bathrooms, dust the windowsills, and vacuum the house – and don’t forget to wash the dog first so you don’t have to start all over again in 20 minutes!

Make Spring Cleaning a Regular Routine

As your house starts to glow in the spring sunshine, we challenge you to awaken the new, cleaner you. You’ll be surprised to find what a little dusting and vacuuming every few days can do. The more often you tackle everyday chores like picking up the living room or wiping down the bathroom, the more time you have free to explore and live an awesome life.

Store with the Best

For seasonal winter gear, oversized items, and stuff you just can’t let go of, renting a storage unit can be a space-saving and accessible way to store your things. StorQuest Self Storage helps you get back the space you’ve been looking for at home. Whether you have seasonal clutter to tame or big remodeling plans up your sleeve, you can get the job done more efficiently with StorQuest Self Storage.


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