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Why Spring is a Great Time to Store


With many parts of the country experiencing the worst winter in years, spring comes with an exuberant welcome. As the snow melts and ice thaws, it’s time to snap out of hibernation and get a head start on spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t just a cliché. There are many reasons why spring is a great time to store your belongings and get organized. At StorQuest Self Storage, we are organizers and to-do list conquerors. Let us help you start checking off items on your spring cleaning list.

Better Weather for Storage

Can you imagine moving heavy furniture into a storage unit while it’s dumping down rain, sleet, or snow? It’s not great. Springtime offers better weather for moving into or accessing your storage unit.

Bad weather has a way of putting a damper on more than just your plans for a leisurely hike on a Saturday afternoon. Once the sun comes out, it’s time to take care of all the cleaning and organizing you’ve been putting off until the snow melts.

  • Bring holiday decorations to storage to get them out of the way until next winter
  • Clean the kids’ room and save old clothes and toys that don’t fit the oldest for the youngest
  • Does your garage look like a disaster zone? Better weather allows you to get out there and start sorting through the chaos

Now that the ice has thawed, there’s no excuse to not start storing. Find the closest StorQuest location near you and take in some spring sunshine while you thrive on the spirit of possibilities that come with a clean home and organized storage unit.

The Psychology of Spring Cleaning

For many Americans, this winter has been a doozy. If you live in an area that received above-average snowfall, the odds are you had to deal with constant shoveling, ice dams, or even the unfortunate reality of a caved-in roof. Not to worry. There’s psychology behind spring cleaning that helps you eliminate the stresses in your life associated with having an organized space.

Studies have shown that clutter and disorganized spaces stress you out and have the potential to build on one another. That means, if you don’t get a head start on cleaning, that overflowing junk drawer could lead to a junk closet to a junk hallway to a junk living area. Take charge of your space by cleaning, organizing, and moving unused items to storage.

Moving and Shaking

Bears aren’t the only ones coming out of hibernation in the spring. As the seasons change, people begin to think about moving. No one wants to haul heavy furniture around when there is snow and ice on the ground. With moving season starting, now is the perfect time to get organized and store.

Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller apartment or staging your home for sale, storage offers a great option for keeping the boxes, furniture, and appliances you don’t need out of sight. Start cleaning, and move into storage for increased space, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Get a Head Start on Summer Break

College students often move dorm furniture and personal belongings into self storage at the end of spring term. Storage offers students a great temporary solution when they are out of school. Move your belongings into storage and rest easy until the new school year begins.

Spring Storage at StorQuest

With better weather, the psychological benefits of spring cleaning, and more people preparing for a move, there’s no time like the present to move into a self storage unit. And when you’re ready to embrace the season, remember: we’re here to help you make room for it.


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