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10 Ways to Take Advantage of Spring


With the spring thaw officially upon us, it’s time to take advantage of the warmer weather. Many of us have been bundled up in our homes binging on Netflix while eating takeout, but the time for cozy winter hibernation comes to a close with the first spring blooms. At StorQuest Self Storage, we are the champions of a more awesome life, which is why we’re sharing these ten great ways to take advantage of the season.

  1. Camping - It’s not too early to start camping in many areas of the country. While some of the higher mountain campgrounds may still be snowed in, lower elevations offer great camping locales. Trade sitting by the heater for roasting marshmallows over the campfire. You may have to bundle up for a cool springtime evening, but you’ll appreciate being in the great outdoors nonetheless.
  2. Start Training - Start training outside for the summer trail 10k you’ve been thinking about. Lace up your running shoes, research local trails in your area before the summer sizzle sets in. The weather and increased daylight hours offer runners the ideal conditions for training, be it for your first or your fifth race. 
  3. Plant Your Garden - Depending on your location this may or may not be an option. For residents living in colder climates (like the Pacific Northwest), you may have to wait until late spring to start planting. First, plan what you’re going to plant. Think about what you’ll actually eat and what kinds of flowers grow best in your climate. Gardening has a Zen-like effect and if you don’t have one, there are many community spaces for rent to get green.
  4. Eat Outside as Often as Possible - Those of us living in colder climates have been staring longingly out the windows of our favorite restaurants, hoping for the snow to melt and the weather to warm up enough so we can enjoy our favorite meals al fresco. Take advantage of patios and outdoor dining options to get an unrivaled experience. Looking for a different and delicious meal? Research local food carts and try something new.
  5. Ride Your Bike - Spend time with your family by biking around the neighborhood, compete in a cyclocross race, or take a cruiser down to your favorite watering hole. Two wheels can take you almost anywhere this spring.
  6. Jump in Puddles - It’s not every day you take the time to connect with your inner child and feverishly splash in puddles after a fresh rainfall. Relieve some of that grown up stress – you may find it to be a welcome release. Exercise those endorphins you’ve been storing up all winter.
  7. Get Artsy with Sidewalk Chalk - Whether getting artistic by yourself or with your kids, sidewalk chalk designs in your driveway can help beautify your home. In addition to the creative designs, you’ll get the kids (and yourself) off the couch and away from the TV.
  8. Plan a Spring Break Vacation - What better way to take advantage of the season than by planning a getaway? With the kids out of school for a week, there’s no better time to take off for a vacation of your choosing - skiing at Winter Park, surfing at the ocean, visiting theme parks or national parks, you name it.
  9. Spring Cleaning - Take advantage of better weather, people moving, and getting that stressful mess out of your garage. Complete your spring cleaning chores and then make a profit from your efforts by hosting a garage sale with all of your items collecting dust. Have things that you want to keep, but can’t let go? Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of self storage.
  10. Organize Your Storage Unit - Do you already have a storage unit? When was the last time you visited? If it’s been so long you can’t remember what’s in there, it’s time to make a trip. Organizing your storage unit will help you decide what to keep and what to get rid of so you can make room for all of the seasonal items you don’t need during the spring and summer – such as holiday decorations, snowboards, snowmobiles, and your winter wardrobe.

At StorQuest Self Storage, we are dreamers and planners, artists, and inventors. We thrive in the warm weather and take advantage of the sunshine. Now is the time to plan a vacation, create beautiful art, plant a garden, and more. Take advantage of spring in whatever way serves your spirit best.


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