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Climate-Controlled Units in Tampa

It’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right self storage unit for your needs, whether that’s a traditional or climate-controlled unit. StorQuest Express offers climate-controlled units as an added level of protection for the things that matters most to you. Want to store long-term or have temperature-sensitive items? Our climate-controlled units keep the temperature and humidity consistent, no matter what the weather is up to in Tampa, Florida. We’ve got you and your stuff covered.

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Exterior of StorQuest Express Self Service Storage in Tampa, Florida
Indoor climate controlled units at StorQuest Express Self Service Storage in Tampa, Florida

Why Climate-Controlled Storage?

What items do you put in a climate-controlled unit? Just about anything benefits from storage that provides steady temperature and humidity levels, especially if you’re rehoming important items. Items made from fabric, like clothing or furniture, do especially well in climate-controlled units. It’s also a great option for paper materials like photos and files if you need a unit for business archives, inventory overflow, or an expansion. Also, if you plan to store electronics, climate control is the way to go.

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