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Climate-Controlled Storage in Los Angeles

Give your things the extra protection they deserve with a climate-controlled storage unit at StorQuest Self Storage in downtown Los Angeles. It gets hot in Southern California. Don’t leave anything to chance. These units keep the temperature and humidity levels within your unit at set levels year-round. No matter what you’re storing, a climate-controlled unit is an awesome investment.

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Climate controlled indoor storage units at StorQuest Self Storage in Los Angeles, California
Red doors on indoor units at StorQuest Self Storage in Los Angeles, California

The Scoop on Climate Control

What items benefit most from climate control? Anything that’s sensitive to shifts in temperature, including electronics, wooden and leather furniture, musical instruments, important business documents, artwork, outdoor gear like your surfboard or mountain bike, and more. Climate control is also a good choice for anything you’re storing long term.

Have questions about climate control? Ready to rent your unit. Contact the StorQuest team in Chinatown today.