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Your Self Storage Guide: What To Look For in a Storage Unit


Storage is more than just putting your belongings in a room. When you’re looking at getting a storage unit, here are some key things to keep in mind to make sure your stuff stays just as awesome as when you dropped it off.

Size: The Right Fit

Whatever you’re deciding to put into storage, be sure to have the option of getting the size you need. Change in office locations, moving house, going on vacation, finding a place for seasonal gear, or storing stuff for renovations call for different needs. Ask yourself some questions to help find the proper unit:

  • What am I putting away?
  • Can I see myself keeping this storage unit for a longer time?
  • Will I end up putting more stuff in later?
  • Is anything fragile or sensitive, and does it need a specialized storage option?

A good storage location, like StorQuest, will also supply you with all the packing materials you need, which may add to the amount of storage you need to consider.

Security: Good Looking Out

Renting a unit at StorQuest means having peace of mind that it’ll be right where you left it. Be on the lookout for these security features to make sure the storage facility takes your possessions as seriously as you do.

  • Gated Access
  • 24-Hour Digital Surveillance & Live Monitoring
  • Unit Alarm Systems
  • Reliable Onsite Management
  • Tenant Insurance

Keep your valuables in a place you trust. A good way to suss out the security of a site is to have a quick conversation with the onsite management team. The right location will be more than happy to share their security measures.

Accessibility: Make It Easy

Aside from a good location, make sure the unit is easy to access, day and night. Some main features to consider are:

  • How often is the unit accessible?
  • How easy will the move be into and out of your unit?
  • Are there wide driveways to access the unit?
  • Can you drive up to the unit?
  • Does the site offer truck rentals or dollies or carts?
  • Is there good lighting in the unit and the surrounding area?
  • Can you pay online?

Dropping off your stuff and getting access back to it should be as easy as can be. Think about the move before you commit. Nothing makes you feel like more of a champion than getting a move done quickly and easily.

Conditions: Keep Your Stuff in Good Condition

Storing valuables asks for more from a unit, so make sure your site can deliver. Leather and metal furniture, electronics, musical instruments, heirlooms, and documents are sensitive items and can be susceptible to the environment, which is why a good solution is to have climate control. Climate-controlled units keep your stuff in just as solid of a condition as when you put them in.

Your journey matters. So does your stuff. If you’re looking for the right storage unit, and you want to find one that ticks all the boxes, check out our StorQuest locations across the nation. We go the extra mile to make your storage experience awesome.

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