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Your Guide to Organizing All Your Outdoor Gear


We’ve all been there. Missing one ski glove. Can’t find your goggles. The tent isn’t where you left it last. Instead of spending valuable time searching for your gear, taking some time to prepare in advance can save you time when your next adventure calls. Thanks to StorQuest, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get organized and on to your next adventure!

Let Go of Your Old Gear

As your collection of snowboards, skis, and camping gear continues to grow, your old gear is probably sitting unused in your garage. Although it’s nice to have when friends and family come in from out of town, it won’t hurt to go through your gear and make a pile of unused items. Consider selling these things, handing them off to friends, or keeping them somewhere you can trust with help from StorQuest. Placing your extra gear in storage is a great way to make more room around the house while also knowing exactly where it is at all times. 

Preparation is Key

The next step to properly storing your outdoor gear is to make sure it’s in the right condition before you put it away. Wet snow jackets and tents can accumulate mold if they are simply thrown into a bag after being used. The last thing you want is to open your ski bag next winter and find your stuff ruined. Same goes for sleeping bags, hydration bladders, and camp cooking utensils. So before you toss your dirty, wet gear into your storage space, take a moment to clean and dry your stuff so it’s ready to go next time you need it.

Categorize Your Gear by Use

Whether you’re planning a camping trip in the near future or just hitting the mountain for a day, breaking up your gear into separate categories is a great tip to keep you organized. Cluster your sleeping bags, tents, and hammocks into a “shelter” group. Place cooking utensils in a “cooking group.” And then invest in a large snow bag where you can keep your dry snow clothes, gloves, goggles, and ski boots. 

Minimize Dead Space

Take advantage of the dead space in your house to store your gear. Walls, closets, and under your bed are great ways to maximize your space. Hang up your snowboards and surfboards on the garage walls high enough so they are out of the way. Get some wall mounts to hold heavy storage bins. Place your ski poles, hiking boots, and climbing gear under your bed and out of the way. And the door of your closet is ideal for over-the-door shoe organizers where you can store items like headlamps, ropes, or gloves.

Look for a Storage Solution

Renting a storage unit is one of the best ways to keep your belongings in their ideal condition. Items like paddle boards, kayaks, and camping gear all boast plenty of opportunity for fun and adventure. However, they can also take up large amounts of space around your home or garage. Renting a storage unit is the best way to keep your gear organized while also freeing up room around the house. Self storage provides you with the convenience of more square footage, enhanced security for your expensive belongings, and helps avoid getting rid of gear that you still actively use. 

H2: Your Stuff Matters. So Does Your Journey. 

When you need some more space for your life in Lakewood, Colorado, StorQuest has you covered. With a variety of units, sizes, and locations throughout the country, you can trust that we’ve got the space you’re searching for. Give us a call today to make more room in your life for awesome. 

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