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Your Go-To Guide for Traveling Abroad This Summer


Summer is the time to get away. And travel is the best opportunity to get those epic pastimes up and running in coveted, exotic locations. Most definitely, some places are just built for those things we love to do: trekking, surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking. Hit up the whole world this summer and do what you love in the best location for it.

Accommodation Hacks

First off, we might as well save a little coin. Booking doesn’t have to be a wallet drain, so there are a couple ways to skirt those expenses companies like to throw at you.

For accommodation, sites that present themselves as offering the best deal will always have stacked-up charges for the convenience they provide. But if you’ve got the resources to network, you can usually find the property owner’s contact information to reach out, introduce yourself, and get a direct deal. This saves tons! Property owners use those booking sites to fill the space, but they aren’t getting all the dough you’re sending. So get in contact, tell them about why you’re excited to stay in that location, and maybe get a little extra insider info on the trip. Back yourself up by sending your LinkedIn and social media accounts so they know you’re real.

Flying Hacks

Everyone’s got that long list of must-see destinations, and a deal might help you find that perfect flight to set your incredible journey in motion. Skyscanner Ltd is a metasearch engine company that allows you to search from your starting point to any destination in the world. Choose the option to travel “Everywhere,” and they’ll list all their flights in drop-down menus by country so you can find your cheapest preferred flight.

Pro tip: Airlines can be less-than-gentle on luggage and belongings, so be sure to not use any of your backpacking gear as your main bag when flying. Pack everything into solid material luggage and only bring the essentials. Most accommodations and destinations offer resources for finding the appropriate gear when you get there.

Awesome Off-Beat Destinations

Let’s face it, we all want to find that little hidden gem – that perfect location for what we love to do. Here are few recommendations that deserve to be on the bucket list:

  • Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia
    Scuba dive or free-dive snorkel here to find the most concentrated biodiversity in the world. We recommend staying on the island of Kri, but all homestays provide equipment and boat services when you can’t take all your gear with you.
  • Azores, Portugal, in the Mid-Atlantic
    Hike for miles on 83 different paths in this 9-island archipelago. After partying in the streets of Bairro Alto in Lisbon, catch a cheap flight to disconnect along oceanside, scenic paths.
  • Cinque Terre, Italy
    Hike or mountain bike between five picturesque, multi-colored towns clinging to the seaside cliffs. Stop by at each one for authentic, country-made gelato.
  • Annapurna, Nepal
    Trek for 12 to 21 days along tropical jungle terrain and up into the mountains to get views of snow-capped peaks and a vista where you can catch a glimpse of the Everest Base Camp.
  • Patagonia, Chile
    Snowboard or ski by chasing down the season in the southern hemisphere on majestically awesome peaks. This is hands-down some of the best snowboarding and skiing in the world. With seven resorts, you’ll have plenty to explore.
  • Mt. Olympus
    Hike up and kick Zeus’s tail. Everyone heads to the islands, but this mythical mountain has gorgeous views of wild nature, the sea, and the charm of feral billy goats romping at the top crest.
  • Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa
    Surf here for a constant swell of tubes. The whole bay will rock your world, but Supertubes is internationally-renowned. Afterward, head slightly west to Tsitsikamma to do the highest bungee jump off Bloukrans Bridge, a 216-meter plunge.
  • Zermatt, Switzerland
    Rock climb on the range boasting the iconic pyramidal peak of the Matterhorn in the beautiful Alps. In the evening, enjoy the quaint town of Zermatt to revel in the achievements.

Your Journey Matters. So Does Your Stuff.

No matter where you go this summer, you’re sure to find some seriously incredible places! And while you’re away, count on StorQuest to safeguard your stuff with stress-free storage solutions. Look for a location near your home base to store away any valuables, sentimentals, or extra gear you won’t be taking with you during your travels. The world is an awesome place – full of natural wonders to explore and experience. Free yourself to explore more by storing your stuff with us at StorQuest.

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