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Which Type of Vacation Is For You?

Say “vacation” to seven people, and you will trigger seven different ideas of what a vacation is. For example, when summer arrives and the kids are out of school—or, when the sun is shining and folks feel motivated to emerge from winter cocoons —it’s interesting to tap into what a vacation means to various people, what individuals need, want, or see as possible.. Here are a few categories to consider:

1. Sightseeing


You travel somewhere, near or far away, and explore cool sites and places: museums, monuments, exhibits, and markets, attend sporting events and concerts, and tour natural wonders.

2. Play


A play vacation often means visits to theme parks, water parks, summer festivals, or sports activities. A play vacation can also be quieter, exploring wildlife habitats or attending theatre festivals.

3. Time with Nature


Nature-filled vacations allow people to escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. This is perfect for people who enjoy camping, hiking, and canoeing.

4. Rest & Relaxation


You might wander and sight-see a bit, but mainly you will sleep a lot, eat good food, take walks, get a massage, read books or watch television, play cards, and otherwise use your vacation time to reboot.

5. Family Time


This sort of vacation can also involve play and relaxation, especially if adult siblings bring their young families together for trips or a few days in a shared house near a beach or tourist attraction.

6. Planned Intensive Experiences


Spend a week or two in that pottery or poetry workshop you signed up for back in January. You could also be embarking on an educational tour or taking that class you couldn’t fit into evenings and weekends.

7. Stay-cation


Sometimes the most satisfying vacation is a few days in your own home, when you can tackle projects, do some renovation or remodeling, stay up half the night watching your favorite movies, cook everybody’s favorite foods, go out to eat, and maybe do some sightseeing in your own town.

Whatever vacation you chose, if you want to store your stuff while you are away or clear some spaces while you take care of some home improvement projects, StorQuest is always available to serve your self storage needs


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