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What’s in Snoopy’s Dog House?

Our interest in helping find storage space for people’s stuff seems not to be restricted to, let’s say, people, or that they are real, for that matter. We were recently watching a trailer for the new Peanuts Movie, and returned back to that age-old mystery, What’s IS in Snoopy’s Dog House? It seems that Snoopy, lucky dog, has enough space in his home for lots of stuff.


Snoopy fans have compiled lists of items that have been pulled from or mentioned in his doggie den over the past 65 years: items like a pool table, a TV along with a supply of TV dinners, a basketball hoop, an A/C unit, a library, a stained-glass window, a grandfather clock, a Van Gogh painting, a waffle iron, electric socks, lots of hats, and the list goes on and on. It fits up to seven kids (plus a little yellow bird) and must have a guest room, because both Peppermint Patty and Linus have stayed with him at various times over the years. It’s also equipped with a kitchen, because who can forget his Thanksgiving dinner following the failed toast and popcorn feast.


There is one episode that we are allowed a peek inside Snoopy’s Dog House – it is called “It’s Magic Charlie Brown,” and in it, Snoopy actually makes Charlie Brown disappear. Already, this episode has lost credibility to us, but it does offer an interior view of Snoopy’s abode. This image looks like he went with a shabby chic mud room, with locker room style storage (I wonder if they are vintage?)


…and magic laboratory area. We do like how he is compartmentalizing functional space in this one big room.


We knew Snoopy was sporty and smart, but we have always preferred to picture Snoopy in something a little more cosmopolitan, like this…he is Joe Cool, after all.


Next week: exploring Oscar the Grouch’s trash can.


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