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Van Hacks to Level Up Life on the Road


Van life carries a level of romanticism that doesn’t always match up with the true experience of living in a small space on the road. If you’re embracing the lifestyle, or considering it, make use of these six hacks to make the most of it.

Create a Routine

One of the most important hacks to life on the road is creating a routine. Some days might look a little different but having a static task list can streamline your day no matter what’s on the agenda. Start with your morning meal and hygiene, but also be sure to do some van cleaning, trip planning, get a good workout, or work time, too. Making time in your day to maintain your space and mental health can keep unexpected challenges at bay.

Stay Organized

Cut down on stress and clutter with easy organization hacks. Everything should have its place, but when you start life on the road you might realize there’s a few things you didn’t think of before. One of the larger obstacles to figure out is dirty clothes – which, depending on your adventure, could be a pain. Try a waterproof dry bag to store your laundry to keep odor and moisture away from the rest of your things until you can make it to the laundromat.

Hygiene Tips

After a day of driving, biking, or kayaking, it’s nice to clean up and feel refreshed. If your van doesn’t have a shower or hose to rinse off, or if you’re conserving your water tank, wet wipes and dry shampoo are your new best friends. You can try a more eco-friendly version with towels and a small amount of soap and water, and give yourself a sponge bath. Just make sure you hang your wet or sweaty clothes to dry, or place them in the water-tight laundry bag! Travel centers and truck stops have showers available for use as well.

Working on the Road

Make a plan for work-life-balance if you’re cracking open your laptop on your travels. Some people use a lap desk they can store away, set up a table outside the fan with a camp chair, or opt to head to a nearby coffee shop. The benefit of working on the road is you can use all three options as needed. As long as you can get good Wi-Fi. You can do some research on cell service hotspots, Mifi, or a Wi-Fi antenna booster to see which fits your needs best. For example, if you plan to work on free Wi-Fi, a booster can make a stronger, more reliable signal while you get stuff done. If you’re going to work out of cell service range, you might need to consider a Starlink Satellite Internet option.

Preparing for the Unexpected

In order to live on the road, your ride needs to drive. Along the way you’ll have to get used to checking the oil, tire pressure, changing parts, and maybe even working on the electrical parts of your van. It is inevitable something will happen, so it’s best to be prepared. Make sure you have a small toolbox packed with electrical connectors, fuses, duct tape, and the biggest hack – a headlamp. Download a few tutorials before you hit the road if you need so you can work out of service if you need to.


Sometimes van life is great for a season, or just for a few trips during the year. When you’re not on the road, you should maintain your ride so it’s always ready to go when you are. StorQuest can give you a place to park with confidence when you’re not mid-quest.

Give us a call or check out our nearby locations to find a parking spot for home sweet home.

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