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USC and UCLA Unite to Cure Cancer

You may have heard of two little schools in Los Angeles called UCLA and USC. These cross-town rivals are notorious for their pranks, especially as “the big game” between the Bruins and the Trojans approaches.


Both schools will have to dedicate round-the-clock security and extreme measures to guard their respective bronzed mascots the week before the game…


Because here is what happens if they leave their mascots exposed:


But, there is one thing that UCLA and USC can come together to agree upon, and that is curing cancer.

CEO Bill Hobin and StorQuest are supporting Kure It Cancer Research in its “Rivals United for a Cure” campaign, to help raise money for grants at USC and UCLA’s cancer research hospitals. These hospitals are internationally known for innovative research, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. With funding, they can continue their work put an end to this destructive disease.

“Every single one of us has had a family member or loved one diagnosed with cancer,” said Bill Hobin. “My desire to support Kure It and the Rivals United team is because I personally have had many family members either pass from cancer or battle it recently, including my mother, who is a current breast cancer survivor.”

Cancer research is vastly underfunded. With only 10 cancers receiving adequate funding, support for cancer research is critical in this fight to save lives. Click here if you are interested and willing to donate to this important cause, or wish to find out more information.

A sincere thank you from our StorQuest family to those who have already supported our fundraising efforts, and look forward to continuing to rival together to find a cure for cancer.


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