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Unbelievable DIY Innovations

National Craft Month has brought to light the incredible capacity we as humans have to imagine, solve problems and manifest beauty through the miraculous work of our capable minds and hands, often using nothing more than materials that are within immediate reach. The DIY movement is sweeping the nation at an ever-dizzying pace, and these creative folks are willing to share with the world their projects, both successes and failures alike. We applaud those who have taken matters into their own hands so that others may learn the ways of the DIY Masters…

With that, we proudly present some of the finest examples of DIY resourcefulness. We ask that if you dare emulate these examples, you do so at your own risk…

Why in heaven’s name would anyone fork over their hard-earned cash for a fancy, over-priced shower fixture when THIS attractive lawn fixture costs significantly less. If it can wash a car it can wash YOU, right? We’re just ashamed we didn’t think of it first.

Brilliant thinkers know: killing two birds with one stone is the name of the game. Most people go about their daily lives and only see a space heater in this picture… but THIS mastermind saw a way to warm up both the room and some leftover onion rings at the SAME TIME. Bonus: comfort food aromas are circulated thoughout your room.

In this day of miracles and wonders, there is simply NO REASON why anyone should ever have to knock on a door and risk damaging their knuckles. Knocking is brutish and archaic… so to see this rennaissance person refuse to support such a barbaric practice and then work around the problem with such care and attention makes us misty-eyed with pride.

In your entire life, have you EVER seen a child’s toy car scooter broken down on the side of the road? No. Neither have we. So why oversized rubber-wasting air-filled tires are still being pushed on the public is beyond us. It took the keen, watchful eye of this dilligent citizen to seize an opportunity and show the man what we think of this completely unwarranted “rubber tire” outrage.

In recent times, it would have seemed that the long-forgotten philosophy of “waste not, want not” had completely gone the way of the Dodo bird… but this evocative image serves to reassure us that this principle is in fact alive and well. Imagine the reduction in pollution caused by sprinkler manufacturing if everyone took a cue from this artisan.

Not only are disposable water bottles wasteful to the environment, but there hasn’t been an exciting new look in shoes for EONS! So needless to say, we give an emotional, uproarous round of applause to this innovator for finally putting two and two together. Note the clever use of black Sharpie to add stylish detail.

So convincing, you have to look really hard to spot the repair. DIYers know the secret: all you really need to do is purchase the basic clock mechanics and simply design the rest of the clock face yourself. It’s kind of infuriating to think about just how long we’ve allowed ourselves to spend money on wall clocks made by someone else.

There is currently an egregious problem spreading across this nation: the Great Headlamp Scam of the 21st century. What is a headlamp? Plastic, wires and a bulb. $500. What is a flashlight? Plastic, wires and a bulb. $15. So let’s all bow our heads with respect for this crafty conscientious objector.

For untold decades, people had to suffer through lateral air flow due to lazy architecture… but this visionary citizen said “NO MORE!” It seems so obvious now, but it took many human generations of irritating cross-breezes and expensive paper-weights before one person changed everything.

Perhaps the most underrated of all DIY resource materials also happens to be the most versatile; the paperclip. A fact not wasted on the crafty owner of this attractive dresser, the paperclip is an untapped goldmine of cheap but effective hardware alternatives. Once the rest of society finally catches on, you’ll see a marked improvement everywhere in chain link fences, park swings, construction cranes, and guard rails to name a few.

This was just a small sampling of what you’ll find when you start down the DIY rabbit-hole and take your first steps into the wonderland of human ingenuity. Just imagine the wellspring of resources awaiting you in your garage, attic or self-storage unit! With a just little creativity and a few unused items, you might change the world…or at least get a lot of pins on Pinterest!


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