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Ultimate Warm Weather Storage Guide


Summer is on the horizon, providing ample opportunity for you to get outdoors, camp, and explore. You might already have a few trips in mind to take advantage of the warmer weather and unseen sights. While you’re out living it up, it's important to pay mind to the heat and humidity of the season. If you have equipment or furniture in storage, then StorQuest has you and your valuables covered! Before you answer your next call to adventure, here’s a quick guide to ensure your stuff stays protected from the heat.

Keep Your Stuff Dry

If you’ve just gotten back from kayaking waterways or surfing some tall waves, fully dry your gear before you store it. If you put your stuff away wet, the water left behind could create a humid environment. So be sure to wipe down your boards, boats, and equipment thoroughly to keep things dry. You can try silica gel or DampRid to absorb extra moisture in the air.

Use Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic storage bins hold up against warm weather and humidity better than cardboard. And while they’re a great temporary option for storing your stuff, cardboard can also absorb moisture which could leave your stored items vulnerable, as well as break down the integrity of the box. Switch from cardboard to plastic tubs for preventing mold and mildew. Drop a few silica gel packs inside to keep the container water free.

Keep Things Off The Floor

Grab wooden pallets or rolling shelves to organize your boxes and keep them off the floor. This will increase the airflow in your unit and protect your containers from sitting in water or moisture that could potentially pool on the floor.

Consider What You Store

In high temperatures, you don’t want to store anything flammable or that holds liquid and is hard to keep dry. Hot weather can cause these items to expire quickly, deteriorate, or not function properly – which would be a bummer to find when you go to load up for your next adventure.

Find A Climate-Controlled Unit

The best way to keep your things protected from the elements is a climate-controlled unit. These storage units keep a constant temperature and humidity level so that your stuff is never subject to extreme temperature fluctuations, mold, or water damage. Take a look at the unit options available at your StorQuest location to find the right fit for your toys and gear.

Think Ahead

Reserve a unit before the heat hits to keep your adventure gear protected during the warmer months. Find a StorQuest location nearby to start your storage journey.

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