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Ultimate Summer Travel Guide


Weekend getaways. International journeys. Whatever adventure looks like for you, summer is the time to get out and live big. No matter what trips you have on the calendar this year, use these StorQuest travel hacks to make your next adventure the most epic one yet.

Road Tripping

Getting There

Since half the fun of a road trip happens before you even get to your final stop, it's important to make the ride just as amazing as the destination. Before you head out, anticipate the road ahead. Bring an extra battery or manual key for your car. Scrounge up loose pocket change and dollar bills for random toll roads. Be strategic about how you pack your car – stow your nonessentials first and keep everything for spur-of-the-moment explorations within arm’s reach. Of course, every great road trip needs great entertainment. Download playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks ahead of time. You’ll look forward to those long stretches of road if you have endless access to binge-worthy true crime hits.

Making the Most of It

Never run out of gas or your favorite road trip snack by downloading iExit. If you’re traveling on a major interstate highway, this app gives you the lowdown on upcoming exits with nearby grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, and local hot spots.

The Quick Overnighter

Getting There

No matter how you’re getting there, the overnight adventure requires only the essentials. It’s easy to pack like you’re going on a seven-night vacation, but the less you haul around the more flexibility you’ll have for random adventures. Since you’re short on time, be strategic about when you leave and what route you take. Avoid rush hour or lunchtime traffic, if possible, and take a back road if you’re left with no choice. You’ll get to your destination either way, so don’t forget to relax and enjoy the ride.

Making the Most of It

While we are true fans of spontaneity, we also know there’s a time and place for good planning. With a quick trip like this, we recommend making a list of your top to-dos. You chose this adventure for a reason. Make sure to carve out enough time to experience what you came for while still allowing for a little wiggle room for those unexpected moments.

Going International

Getting There

You’re probably going to have a layover or two with long plane rides between, so let’s start with the bag you’re going to have on you at all times – your carry-on. Pack a small bag with stuff to keep you fresh throughout your trip – towelettes, mini deodorant, face wash, a toothbrush, and a clean shirt. By the time you’ve hit hour 15 of travel, you’ll be happy you did. To keep your checked bag lighter, we recommend wearing your bulkier items on the plane, like your hiking boots and coat. You’ll be less likely to go over the luggage weight limit, and you’ll have more room for souvenirs on your way home.

Making the Most of It

Get to know the country like a local. Instead of a hotel, stay in a room at an Airbnb or give Couchsurfing a try. You’ll get an authentic experience, gather great tips from the locals, and maybe even learn a phrase or two in their language. Another pro tip – go on a walking tour as soon as you arrive. A lot of these tours are free, except for an optional tip at the end. This is an awesome way to get insider knowledge on the city’s history, cool hangouts, and under-the-radar food joints.

Your Adventure Partner

Wherever you are headed, we have your back. Think of a unit at StorQuest as your launching pad for a more awesome, more adventurous life. Find a location near you and start storing with us today.


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