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Ultimate Storage Tips for Road Trippers


With beautiful weather on its way, many of us are itching to get out for an adventure – and road trips are calling. Whether you’re racing to the coast to ride a new wave or heading to the mountains to camp and explore, getting things organized now will help you live big later. Check out our top storage tips for road trippers, then make room for more awesome in your life!

Do a Gear Audit

Weekend warriors don’t have time (or space!) for extra. To maximize your road trip, stick to the essentials and things you love. Clear space for the gear that truly adds value to your life and empowers you to tackle your bucket list-level adventures. Consider donating or selling items you’re not using anymore, so they can have a new life elsewhere.

Get a Self Storage Partner

Especially for those of us living in apartments or smaller places with limited storage, a self storage unit can open up a world of possibilities. Create the ultimate storage locker, and gear up for any outdoor excursions when you have a place to store your stuff properly. When your camping and climbing gear, skis and snowboards, kayaks and mountain bikes are secure and waiting for you, you’ll be ready to take on any trip you can imagine. Looking for a storage unit to get your gear in order? Check out our StorQuest locations to find the facility nearest you.

Organize to Conquer

Whether you’ve got a self storage unit or you’re making do with your own garage or closet space, getting organized is the key to awesome road tripping. When your next chance to hit the road comes, you don’t want to be digging through everything you own to find the camping stove!

Create an inventory of your gear and label your storage bins to avoid losing track of anything. Stack items in storage to make good use of your vertical space – but remember to pack the items you use less frequently on the bottom. Finally, if you’re a road trip pro, think about creating a section in your storage unit for car care, so you can keep tools, emergency essentials, and frequently used maintenance products at hand. 

Plan the Adventures Ahead

It might not be the fun part, but planning ahead helps you fit more – and better – adventures into your life. Make lists to chart out where you want to go, what you want to do, and what gear you’ll need to do it. Clean and repack your gear after every trip to put yourself in good shape for the next time around. Line things up so you’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Think Before You Load

A well-packed car makes for a killer road trip, so take time to do this part right. First, don’t overload the car. You have weight limits and your sanity to consider – and you don’t want to push either! Pack efficiently, focusing on the gear you’ll need, versatile clothing, and travel essentials. Load smartly by packing first the items you’ll use last. That way, everything you’ll need regularly during the trip will be accessible on top. Cartop storage can help by adding more space, but carriers reduce fuel economy, so weigh your options between traveling light and spending a bit more on gas.

Make Room. Then Make It Happen.

Wherever you’re headed, StorQuest is here to look after your gear while you live big. Check out our website to see all of our storage options and locations.

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