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View from perspective of a kayaker of another kayaker on the shore of a -river.

Ultimate Spring Dreaming Bucket List


At StorQuest, we think there’s a better way to enjoy spring than clearing out your closet. Who wants to spend time worrying about spring cleaning, when you could be doing some big-time spring dreaming? We’re here to spark your imagination with our epic springtime adventure bucket list. Here are some ideas on how to make your spring awesome.

Ski the Corn in Lake Tahoe

Head to Lake Tahoe for some of the best spring skiing you’ll find anywhere. Looking for a relaxing solo day on the mountain? You’ll have plenty of space to yourself with the lighter spring crowds at Kirkwood, Heavenly, and Squaw Valley. Warmer temperatures make it a blast to stay out all day doing run after run, and riding the snow corn is like giving your skiing a power-up. There’s no better way to go big in spring. Just make sure you have your skis and winter gear all ready to go!

Surf the Banzai Pipeline

A true bucket list item, surfing the world-famous Banzai Pipeline should be at the top of any surfer’s to-do list. Not only does hanging out on Oahu’s North Shore give you stunning views of the ocean, but it also brings you to one of the best spots in the country to watch pro surfers do their thing. Bring your favorite board and ride these powerful waves for a wild day you’ll never forget.

Climb Sandstone Cliffs in Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon

Take the chance for the climbing trip of a lifetime in Nevada’s scenic Red Rock Canyon. Spring creates the perfect time window for scaling its majestic red sandstone cliffs. You’ll enjoy long days with plenty of sunshine while avoiding the intense heat this area endures in the summertime. Climbers of all skill levels will find an appropriate and thrilling challenge in Red Rock Canyon. Come prepared with your harnesses, climbing ropes, and protective gear. 

Kayak the Colorado River

Drop into the Colorado River to enjoy a prime kayaking experience. With the imposing stratified cliffs of the Grand Canyon on either side of you, you’ll get a front-row seat to see one of the country’s most impressive natural landmarks. Whether you paddle a small section of the river or the full 226 miles, you’ll have spectacular memories – and photos – to remember this adventure. 

Make It Awesome

This year, spend a little less time thinking about what to eliminate from your life and a little more time thinking about what to fit into it! Get yourself a self storage unit like Kelly Slater’s, and make room for all the toys and gear that fill your life with adventure. Looking for more inspiration on how to live big? Check out the StorQuest blog for great trip ideas and helpful tips on how to store your gear.

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