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Ultimate Spring Cleaning & Camping Guide


Spring is just around the corner, and so is camping season. This go-to spring cleaning guide will help you tidy up, gear up, and be on your way to the next camping adventure. 

Take Inventory

Pull all your camping gear out and jot down a list of everything you own. Starting from the larger items to the smaller ones, set it all out in front of you and take inventory of every item. If you’re planning your next camping adventure, be sure to consider any items you might need that you don’t already own. For example, if a beach trip is on the books, make sure you have the proper tent stakes to use for sand.

Clean It Up

If there’s still mud on your tent from the last campsite or your gear is carrying around a layer of dust, some spring cleaning is in order. Use a dry rag to wipe off any dust, debris, dirt, or dried mud from the equipment. A dry rag is usually enough to get the job done since you’ll want to avoid using any detergents or cleaners on camping gear. Tread carefully with strong chemicals, which can eat away at waterproof or water-resistant film. If you need more to get the job done, be sure to purchase a specific tent or camp gear cleaning solution.

Pro tip: Make sure everything is fully dry before packing it all away in your storage unit or loading up for your next trip. If you’re storing your gear in a particularly humid or wet area, add in a few silica gel packets to help absorb extra moisture.

Get Organized

Regardless of whether your next big camping trip is already scheduled, nothing says gearing up and getting on the road more than having organized camping supplies. Once everything is clean and you know which supplies you’re working with, you’ll definitely want to get organized. Make sure tents, cots, chairs, and barbecue grills are all working properly and covered up. Use ice chests or cooler bags to store the small items like fire-starters, flashlights, portable charges, and anything else you might need. Keep like with like when packing up your gear, and stock up on the essentials.    

Make Room for Awesome®

Between camping or backpacking adventures (or when the offseason rolls around), you’ll need an ideal place to store away all your stuff. Let StorQuest be the base camp for all your outdoor gear. Find a location near you today and start storing with us.

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