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Ultimate Seasonal Travel Checklist


Looking to plan an epic fall getaway? StorQuest Self Storage is here to help accelerate your awesome with this ultimate seasonal travel checklist.

Where to Go?

First things first, right? Spend some time figuring out where you want to go. Remember, fall is the in-between season for a lot of popular destinations. People are busy with school and work. Temperatures are dropping. It’s not quite ski season, and warm-weather activities are winding down. You might be able to snag some killer deals on airfare or lodging during what the travel industry calls a shoulder season. Whether you’re eyeing a week of epic hiking in the Colorado Rockies or an unforgettable journey to see the fall colors in upstate New York, this can be a great time to make it happen.

Get Your Gear in Order

So you’ve picked your destination. Now it’s time to get your gear in order. Flying to Florida for a golf weekend? You’ll need to find a way to get your clubs there – or line up rental clubs once you’re on the ground. Taking a road trip to SoCal to hit the surf while the weather’s still warm? Research surf shops ahead of time, so you can get the best deal on a board rental. Take stock of what you want to do and start planning how to make it happen once you arrive.

Itinerary Time

You know where you’re going. You know what you want to do. It’s itinerary time. Maximize your journey by planning ahead. Spontaneous adventures are hard to top, but some adventures do require advance planning. Even in shoulder season. That chartered fishing trip you’re hoping to take off the Atlantic Coast? You’ll want to reserve that in advance. Horseback riding on the beach in NorCal? Don’t let that opportunity slip away by not booking it ahead of time. Even if the activities you have your eye on don’t require reservations, the last thing you want is to waste precious travel time figuring out details on the fly. Leave some space in your itinerary for impromptu adventures, but lean on your awesome itinerary to get the most out of your fall journeys.

Be Prepared for Volatile Weather

Fall weather can be a mixed bag. Make sure you anticipate all scenarios as you pack for your fall travels. Unless you’re going somewhere tropical, chances are you’ll see a mix of weather. This makes layering a must – and it’s where some strategic packing can go a long way. Rather than toss every possible clothing configuration into your suitcase or backpack and then have to lug that beastly bag around with you everywhere, consider investing in a packable down jacket and vest (if you don’t already own a few, that is). They’re ultra-light, easy to store – many even come with their own stuff sacks – and come in a variety of weights to handle a range of temperatures.

Road Trip Tips

Pack smart before you hit the road, especially if you’re going somewhere prone to inclement weather. You never know when a fall snowstorm might strike, so make sure you pack up your car with blankets and chains – just in case.

The All-Season Necessities

Let’s be real. The travel game has changed. Make sure you have everything you need to get where you want to go. Beyond all the typical documentation you might need – driver’s license or ID, passport, etc. – you should also bring your COVID-19 vaccination card. Depending on where you’re traveling and what you’re doing when you arrive, you might just need it for entrance to restaurants, concert venues, and sporting events. If you don’t want to risk losing your vaccine card, consider taking a picture of it with your smartphone for easy access on the go.

Awesome Awaits

No matter where your fall travels take you, StorQuest Self Storage always has your back. We have the space you need to create the perfect home away from home for all your travel and outdoor gear. We even offer spaces to park your RV or favorite road trip vehicle between epic explorations. Find a location near you to get started.

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