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Ultimate Seasonal Packing & Storing Guide


Making room at home or in your storage unit for your fall and winter gear is not only a great way to stay organized, but it can motivate you to focus on all the outdoor activities best experienced in cooler weather. Whether that’s a brisk hike, an epic plunge into a pile of leaves, or making the most of winter with skiing and ice fishing trips, there’s so much to enjoy as the seasons change. StorQuest Self Storage is here to help keep you on point with our ultimate seasonal packing and storing guide.

Log What You Need (& What You Don’t)

If cold-weather camping isn’t your thing, it’s time to pack up your tent until spring arrives. Run through your gear and keep track of all the stuff you won’t be using until fairer weather comes your way. Now’s also the time to log what you are keeping out – start brainstorming trips to help you stay motivated. When you know bigger adventures await, there’s no stopping you.

Fix It Up

Before you start packing, audit your stuff. Are there any cracks that need to be sealed? Holes that could be sewn? Grime that should be scrubbed? It’s best to take care of all your fix-ups now and save yourself the hassle later. That way you won’t forget, and when warmer weather comes around you can just grab your gear and go. If you’re washing your gear, make sure you dry everything out before you pack it into storage.

Minimize Tracking

If you’re moving your gear out of your home and into your storage unit, there are some extra things to keep in mind during the fall and winter. To minimize tracking leaves, mud, slush, and gunk, place slip-resistant tarps or drop cloths along the walkways. This will also give you better footing on otherwise slippery surfaces. You’ll thank yourself later.

Safeguard Your Gear

When it comes to seasonal storage, be sure to account for drops in temperature and changes in humidity. Toss in silica gel packets as you’re packing your sensitive items. These will absorb unwanted moisture and help keep your stuff stay in tip-top shape. Throw weatherproof furniture covers over your outdoor furniture and equipment. Invest in high-quality, stackable plastic bins – cardboard boxes are moisture magnets. Seal smaller sensitive items like business documents or electronics in zip-top bags for extra protection.

Weatherproof Your Space

If you’re storing your things in the garage, basement, or attic, you need to take additional steps to keep your storage area weatherproofed. Check out our guide for the full rundown. If all that sounds like too much trouble, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. These specialty units regulate the temperature and humidity in your space to help keep your stuff in optimal condition.

Your Stuff Matters. So Does Your Journey.

Looking for an easy place to keep all your seasonal adventure gear? We’ve got you covered. Find a StorQuest facility near you and start storing today.

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