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Ultimate Guide for Winterizing Your RV


As the seasons change it’s time to swap your camping gear for your skis and winterize your RV. First time stowing your adventure mobile this winter? Here are the main steps for prepping your weekend ride.

Clean It Out for the Season

Your first step to storing your RV for the off-season is to empty it out. Make sure all the food and perishable items are out as well as trash. Pack up electronics, valuables, and clothes and make sure your toiletries are secured. Things like your camping dishes and utensils are fine to leave behind. You’ll also want to remove water filters since you’ll be pumping antifreeze through your system.

Flush & Empty The Water System

Empty out your tanks and give them a good clean. You’ll want to drain the water heater and leave all the faucets on to make sure your system fully empties out. Check your water heater system to look for a bypass valve and switch it to the bypass option so you don’t fill your water heater with antifreeze.

Add Antifreeze

Take one of your water intake lines and place it into a jug of antifreeze. Slowly turn each sink on until you see the pink liquid come out. Pour some into the toilet (make sure to flush it) and down the sinks to get the antifreeze into your black and gray tanks.

Consult Your Manual

It’s always smart to take a look at the owner manual for your RV to see what else needs to be done. Some fridges and washing machines might have specific methods to prep for seasonal storage. Make sure you turn off your water heater and any other electronics before you park for the winter.

Find Somewhere Close to Stow!

Instead of keeping your RV in your driveway this year, find a storage center near you with a spot for your ride. StorQuest helps you organize and gear up for every adventure, offering everything from hobby lockers to RV storage. Easily stow and go – find a StorQuest location near you.

Plan Your Next Trip

Once your RV is stowed for the winter, you have a few months to plan out what trips you want to take come warmer weather. Spend this time making a spring bucket list for adventure and reserve those campground sites that require early booking.

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