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Ultimate Guide for Storing Seasonal Items


Is home feeling cluttered? Keep your space organized by strategically stashing your once-a-year items. StorQuest has put together a guide to help you maintain a tidy home by storing your seasonal items like a pro.

Group Items By Season

To make sure you always know where to find what you’re looking for, the first thing you need to do is gather round all your seasonal items you plan on storing away at some point. Now you’re all set to start grouping your things. The easiest way to do this is by the four seasons, but you can also create sub-categories for particular holiday decor or specific groups of adventure gear or clothes for every season – it’s up to you how thorough you want to be. As long as you have a system in place that makes sense to you, you’re good.

Take Inventory

With everything in front of you, take inventory to figure about how many storage containers you’ll need. We recommend using uniform bins – this will make stacking easier so you can utilize all your vertical space. It’s also helpful to systematically label your storage containers. This doesn’t have to be fancy – just use a marker to write the category on the box. You can also color code your containers with stickers or a colored piece of tape to help you quickly identify your stuff once you’re storing and retrieving your seasonal items.

Make It a Seasonal Ritual

Spring cleaning is a good start, but four times a year is best! The start of every season is the perfect opportunity to go through your things, storing away what you won’t be needing until the season rolls around again. Want to stay super organized? Make a checklist of what you want to keep – and what you want to put away – every season. If your swim gear and paddleboard aren’t going to see much use for the next several months, it’s time to retire them for the year. Put them in storage and check them off the list.

Store With Climate Control

Seasons change, but the condition of your valuables don’t have to. If you are planning on keeping your seasonal items in self storage, give your belongings the extra layer of protection they deserve with climate-controlled storage. This specialty storage keeps your belongings within a controlled environment year-round, so regardless of the shifting temperatures and humidity levels outside, your stuff will stay safe within your storage space. 

Make Room. Then Make It Happen.

If you need some extra space to help you stay organized, we’ve got your back. Find a StorQuest location near you for all your storage needs.

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