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Ultimate Affordable Summer Moving Guide


Moving on a budget this summer? StorQuest has your back – here are a few tips and tricks for a flawless move.

Sell Your Stuff

The less stuff you have means the less stuff you have to move, which can save you money on truck size or on hourly mover rates. Summer is a great time of year to host a garage sale. Pair down some of your unused things to make room for more in your life. Moving somewhere with a different climate? Clear out the wardrobe. Take a hard look at your furniture as well, most of the pieces you bought were probably to accommodate your current living situation. Don’t be afraid to unload some pieces that don’t hold major value. You can always hit up a thrift store in your new spot or buy something down the line to replace it.

Find Free Boxes

Instead of purchasing packing supplies, opt for free. You can check with businesses in the area to see if they have any empty shipping or product boxes you can grab. Most companies are just throwing the boxes in the recycle bin, so they won’t have issues handing them out to you. You can check in with friends and have people save their delivery boxes as well.


Skip the bubble wrap and use alternate methods to pad your valuables. Use things like old towels, old newspapers, or even clothes from your closet to wrap up your stuff safely.

Pack Smart

One struggle with moving is when things get lost. You know you packed the laptop cord, but you don’t know what box it’s in. Having to buy replacements can hurt your budget, so pack smart. Have a few boxes that are specially marked and contain everything you absolutely need to get by.

Recruit Your Friends

One of the best ways to save money during a move is to grab some help. Put out the call to see who has trucks or large vehicles you can borrow, or if anyone is available to carry a few boxes. Some friends require incentive, but a six pack and a pizza is a lot cheaper than most moving companies.

Shop Around

If you are using a moving company, a truck, or movers – make sure to weigh your options. And don’t just look at the cheapest available option. If a mover breaks something and isn’t insured to cover it, that hurts your wallet more than paying a little extra. Take a look at a moving company’s reputation, insurance coverages, what they will and won’t move, and pricing options.

Protect Your Investments at StorQuest

If you’re using self storage as a temporary solution during your move, take extra precaution to save your bank. Summer is a time known for extreme heat, and, in some areas, humidity. The elements can damage your valuables like leather furniture, electronics, or musical instruments. If you need to store during your move, make sure to look into climate-controlled storage options at StorQuest for the ultimate protection.

Be sure to also check out our ultimate budget friendly locker storage options in your area. Give the storage experts at StorQuest a call, we’d love to hear about your next big move and help you find the ideal storage unit for your journey.

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