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Top 9 Things to Do Before Spring Hits!


Once springtime rolls around, it’s time to get amped up for hiking, bike rides, the beginning of the farmers market season, amongst other outdoor activities. But before spring hits, we encourage you to savor winter while you prep for the changing seasons!

1. Get Your Snow Sports In

While there’s still some snow on the ground, squeeze in all of the winter activities you can. Take a trip to your favorite ski resort. Find some groomed trails for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Seek out the perfect sledding hill. Whether you live close to snow, or need to make a weekend getaway, get out there and enjoy the cold weather, because before you know it, it will be warm!

2. Catch a Flick

While it’s still cold out, make a list of award-winning movies of the season and those Netflix originals you’ve been meaning to watch. Once the sun is out, chances are, you are not going to want to stay indoors.

3. Give Back (In All Seasons)

Take inventory in your home. Get rid of stuff that you no longer use or no longer brings you joy. Choose to donate or resell valuable items. And for anything you want to hold on to but simply don’t need around all the time or have room for, store it in your StorQuest Self Storage unit.

4. Spring Cleaning

After you’ve gone through all of your belongings to determine what’s going and what’s staying, plan a big spring cleaning event in your home. Go through every nook and cranny, cleaning your home and organizing what’s left. Invest in some organizational tools – crates, bins, and drawer dividers are all useful.

5. Prep Your Yard

You may have done a bit of this in late fall, but now is the time to pick up any leftover leaves and unnecessary yard debris surrounding your property. Prep your yard for the fun to come in the spring and summer. If the frost season is over, make sure to turn the water on for your sprinklers and test each zone.

6. Clean Off Patio Furniture

If you cover your furniture during the winter, remove the covers and dust off any cobwebs that may have decided to hang around. Give each piece a nice cleaning and wipe down. This goes for children’s outdoor toys as well.

7. Begin Planning Your Garden

Springtime is the best time to start planning for your vegetable and fruit garden. Whether you go the container route or with garden beds, make a list of what you plan to grow for the year and map out the best time to plant starters or sow seeds based on the climate where you live.

8. Get Your Toys Spring Ready

Don’t let the springtime fun creep up on you. Be prepared to jump right in and enjoy the awesome adventure to come for the season. Bust out your gear that may need attention and get it ready for action. Give your bike a tune-up. Wax your surfboards. Brush off those dusty hiking boots.

9. Plan a Spring Break Vacation

There’s no doubt that after a long winter you’re going to be itching for some fun in the sun. Plan a spring break vacation when it makes sense for you – possibly during the kids’ spring break, or around work. Catch the good deals before they are gone and get those plane tickets booked.

Savor Winter, Prep for Spring

Get ready for spring while still savoring the last bits of winter this year. Make room for awesome and be sure to squeeze in these top nine things to do before spring hits. Because before you know it, you’ll be out enjoying the sun and blooming flowers. Need some adventure inspo? Check out our Instagram here to stay forever stoked – no matter the season.


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