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Top 7 Reasons Why Travel Makes Your More Awesome


Let's face it. Spending your valuable PTO and hard-won wages collecting experiences, rather than objects, makes you happier. Living happy amps your inner awesome and adventurous travel is a surefire strategy to stoke that joy. Here are StorQuest's top seven reasons why travel gives you the opportunity to live your most awesome life.

Travel Makes You Healthier

Planning and taking epic annual vacations helps relieve stress and anxiety. In fact, after an amazing experience in a new place, the positive attitude you enjoyed during your break lifts your mood for weeks to come – long after those days of mai tais and endless white sand beaches fade from memory. The key to ensuring your vacation is health-friendly is to make sure you schedule time to relax, enjoy, and experience every opportunity that comes your way.

Travel Makes You More Creative

Experiences that are unfamiliar – like spending time overseas – help increase your ability to think, act, and express yourself freely. This is because these new experiences (think of them as mini-challenges) are a catalyst to think creatively or come up with fresh ideas and solutions to something new. Once you disconnect from your normal routine and expand your opportunity to encounter something different, you might discover your creative inspiration is easier to channel.

Travel Makes You More Flexible

Through travel, you learn to be flexible and more patient. These self-learnings are important back at home. You can use your elevated flexibility to deal with the day's challenges. After a well-deserved vacation, you might find yourself unfazed because you have a renewed confidence that you're flexible enough to figure it out.

Travel Makes You Smarter

Traveling allows you to learn about a different culture – whether that's in the U.S. or abroad – and gives you the opportunity to adapt to the uniqueness of a place. This difference pushes you to grow. Perhaps truer than this is that through travel you come to know yourself better and fall in love with learning. Learning happens around every corner when you travel – like connecting with others in the most surprising places.

Travel Makes You Feel Like an Adventurer

A new city, country, or culture forces you to face (and embrace) the unknown. It is the opposite of your daily experience, which means that this newness is novel, and novelty equals adventure. Let's face it – adventurers are awesome because they explore, discover, and connect with people all over the world. But remember, adventure doesn't have to happen far from home – it can happen anywhere, like on the trail two hours from home. The only thing you need to do is engage your adventurous spirit.

Travel Makes You More Confident

Travel requires you to connect with others. Whether that means relying on someone else to interpret city street names in a country where you don't speak the language or discovering that your Uber driver is from the same stretch of beach as you. This interaction brings your inner extrovert forward and allows you to develop social skills, broaden your sense of community, and amp your confidence.

Travel Makes You Appreciate Your Life

Travel helps you realize the life you've built by working hard and playing harder is remarkable. Those experiences you collect through travel ensure you are a better human and inspire you to make your home base an amazing experience for everyone, whether that's your friends, your family, your co-workers, or strangers you have yet to meet.

Life is One Epic Adventure with StorQuest

At StorQuest, we're here to make sure your adventures are easy. Find a storage location near you and see how you can make room for more awesome.

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