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Top 5 Warm Weather Storage Tips


We’re stoked for summer here at StorQuest. Summer means more daylight, more fun, more adventure. And with so much to see and experience, the last thing you want to do is worry about your stuff in storage. Don’t leave anything to chance. Keep your gear in awesome shape with these tips for warm-weather storage.

Go Climate Control

The easiest way to protect your stuff from the summer heat is a climate-controlled self storage unit. These specialized spaces regulate the temperature and humidity within your unit, providing the optimal environment for the things that matter most to you. Find a StorQuest Self Storage location with climate control near you today. These units are popular in warmer areas, as is storage in general during the summer months, so make sure to lock down your unit ASAP. 

Keep It Dry

Make sure you thoroughly dry off or dry out items like your kayak, surfboard, mini-fridge, and dishware every time you tuck them away into storage. Any excess moisture – particularly in this already hot and humid time of year – can wreak major havoc on your stuff. Go the extra mile and use a product like DampRid, a moisture absorber, to help keep your self storage unit as dry as possible.


Keep your things off the ground with pallets. That way, if moisture does pool up inside your unit, your stuff stays high and dry. You can often find pallets free, if you know where to look. Many businesses make scrap pallets available for free, and you can also scour online marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook.

Gear Up

Air-tight plastic containers are an awesome option to help protect your stuff. They go a long way toward keeping humidity and moisture at bay. Insulation and plastic wrap are other good options to help protect items like wooden furniture or electronics.

Protect Yourself, Too

If you’re in the middle of a big move, make sure to drink lots of water and apply sunscreen. If loading and unloading your stuff means a lot of heavy lifting, be sure to take lots of breaks to cool off.

Make the Most of Summer

Choose StorQuest for your summer storage journey and rest easy. We’ll sweat the small stuff, so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Whether that’s summiting a cloud-scraping peak or setting off on the ultimate road trip is up to you. Whatever activities fuel you, StorQuest is here to help you keep your gear ready and in top shape.

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