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Top 5 Unique Things to do for Redwood Locals


Redwood City locals understand their hometown on the San Francisco Peninsula is perfectly positioned for close to home one-of-a-kind adventures. From the center of town, you can experience anything from historic sites to heart-elevating adventure spots, and everything in between. Use StorQuest’s top five unique things to do for Redwood City locals. (Even if you aren’t a local, use this insider’s knowledge to feel like one!)

Pulgas Water Temple

The Pulgas Water Temple is a local favorite. It was designed in 1934 with the purpose of celebrating the incredible accomplishment of bringing water 160 miles to the Bay Area from the mountainous terrain of the Sierra Nevada range. While the Temple’s columns pay homage to the Romans and the Greeks who were early-day experts at moving water great distances, the tree-lined reflecting pool inspires contemplation of such engineering feats.

Unleashed Art Gallery

Get to know Redwood City’s local artists in this art gallery dedicated to showcasing contemporary fine art by the city’s most talented creatives. The gallery offers a great space to sink into the creative process and spirit.

Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve

Get outside all year long at Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve. We recommend planning a hike or trail run in the grassy lands of this vast preserve. A bonus – do this in spring when acres of wildflowers bloom. The colorful display of this treasured park just off I-280 is an epic place to recharge and reconnect with nature.

The Record Man

Make a plan to treat yourself to music. The Record Man is an old-school vinyl record store and its sheer size – over 1 million LPs – demands setting aside time to explore. Spend the afternoon flipping through shelves of records. Theirs is an impressive all-genre collection of new and used records housed under one roof, including hard-to-find picks.

San Mateo Museum

Interested in what life looked like in the 1800s? The San Mateo Museum offers time capsule-like exhibits that capture the life and style of Redwood City’s early residents, including what it was like when California was a part of Mexico.

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