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Top 5 Summer Storage Tips for CU Students


From epic spring hikes in the Flatirons to perfect winter days riding the powder at Eldora Mountain Resort, life in Boulder, Colorado, brings endless adventure. But what happens when it’s finally time to head home for the summer? Check out StorQuest’s list of the top five summer storage tips for students at the University of Colorado Boulder to help you make room for awesome.

1. Regulate Temps & Save Your Stuff

Whether you’re crushing your studies or crushing the trails, it’s easy to miss out on practical planning while you’re busy going big – but self storage lets you take good care of your stuff, so next year can be just as wild as this one. With climate-controlled storage, you can protect your things from damage in the warm Boulder summers. If you’re thinking of storing a TV, a gaming system, or any electronics, or you’re planning on packing away a guitar or musical instrument – do right by your stuff and choose climate control.

2. Build Your Gear Locker

Squeezing every last drop out of your days in Boulder means getting outside for awesome adventures. You’ll have your snowboard or skis for downhill runs or cross-country exploring at Eldora, winter clothes to keep you warm, and snowshoes for treks through Betasso Preserve. With the warm weather months coming, you’ll need a place to keep your winter gear dry and secure for next season. A self storage unit is the perfect solution, and it’s also a great way to store any paddleboards, mountain bikes, or camping gear you won’t be using at home over the summer.

3. Throw a Cleaning Party

If you’ve been living big in Boulder, your gear might be dragging a little dirt along with it. Before storing your sports equipment, clothing, or any appliances, make sure to give everything a good wash first. Prevent mold and bacteria by cleaning out and wiping down your microwave or mini-fridge, and leave the door open on the fridge if you’re storing one. If you’ll be packing away your heavy winter clothes, run them through the wash, and make sure to dry them thoroughly, too. You don’t want any unwelcome surprises when you come back in the fall ready for new adventures.

4. Share the Storage Love

Looking to maximize your budget while storing your stuff smartly? Split a self storage unit with a friend. You’ll save on monthly costs and get great value for your money. Plus, you’ll have a buddy all lined up to help you on moving day! Just remember to label all your boxes well, so none of your gear ends up in the wrong locker.

5. Park Smartly

If you’re flying home from Boulder and looking for a place to park your off-roading truck or SUV, show your trusty vehicle some love and find an affordable, convenient, and secured parking solution. There’s no reason to leave your baby out on the street when you can choose auto storage at StorQuest to give you peace of mind.

Your Stuff Matters. So Does Your Journey.

Whatever’s next on your Boulder bucket list, StorQuest is here to get you back outside and exploring in no time. Check out our location on Pearl Street in Boulder for all your summer and year-round storage needs.


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