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Top 5 Myths About Storage Revealed


There are a lot of myths floating around about self storage: it’s expensive, storage units are dirty, I’ll get tied up in a long-term contract, etc. To put it plainly, none of these are true – at least not at StorQuest Self Storage. We specialize in providing the right space at the right price to make sure you always have room for the awesome in your life. We’re here to guide you on your journey, helping you make room so you can make it happen – whatever “it” may be. Join us as we go to work, busting five common storage myths that stand between you and the space you need to live life on your own terms.

1. Storage is only for people in transition.

Self storage is for everyone who needs a little extra space, whether at home or at work.

You may think of storage as being for military personnel on deployment, college students storing their belongings for the summer, or people downsizing from a home to an apartment. While it’s true that people in transition use self storage, it has a lot of other uses and can be beneficial for everyone.

Many business owners use self storage to assist in company operations. Everyone from landscapers to eBay merchants, sales reps with samples and demo gear, and retail establishments with extra inventory use self storage as a cost-effective alternative to new or larger storefronts, workshops, and offices.

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, you’re likely not allowed to park your RV, boat, or motorcycle in your driveway. But with a convenient parking space or storage unit from StorQuest, you can store your adventure mobiles with ease.

2. Self storage is expensive.

If you’re hesitant to rent a self storage unit because you think it will be too expensive, let us change your mind. Storage unit prices vary based on several factors, including property location, storage unit location within the property, climate control, size of space, and facility features. So you only pay for the space and features you need. Plus, many self storage facilities offer discounts and special promotions that help keep the cost of your rental down.

You also need to consider the value of the items you’re storing. The cost of self storage may often be much less than replacing the items held inside. If using self storage for family photos, artwork, heirlooms, and antiques, many of these items are irreplaceable and well worth the fees of a monthly storage rental.

3. I’ll end up tied up in a long-term contract.

Sometimes, you only need self storage for a short period of time and don’t want to get tied up in a long-term contract. No one wants to pay for storage space they aren’t using. At StorQuest Self Storage, all of our facilities rent on month-to-month leases. That means you only pay for storage as long as you need it. No long-term contracts or obligations. Just convenient storage options at an affordable price.

With the availability of month-to-month lease terms, what are you waiting for? Rent a storage unit for the three months between semesters at college or lease space for your growing business before moving into a larger storefront. StorQuest offers flexibility to help you make room for awesome.

4. Storage units are dirty.

At StorQuest, we’re meticulous when it comes to maintaining our storage units and facilities. After a tenant moves out, we take special care in cleaning out our storage units to ensure that new tenants have a pristine space to store their things. We know that you’re trusting us to provide a space that puts your mind at ease, and we take that trust seriously. That’s why we are so adamant about the cleanliness of our units and facilities. And if you’re still not convinced, stop by by any time during office hours at your local StorQuest for a tour with one of our friendly storage professionals. We’ll be happy to show you around!

5. I won’t be able to access my storage unit when I need it.

At Storquest, we believe in convenient, easy access, which is why our facilities are open seven days a week and offer extended office and gate access hours. While specific hours vary by location, we welcome you to our facilities every morning, evening, and weekend, ensuring you have access to your belongings when you need it.

Who are we to stop you when adventure calls? Drop in any day of the week to pick up your kayak, camping equipment, mountain bikes, and other gear. We are StorQuest and we’re busting one storage myth at a time! And whatever life has in store for you, we’re here to help you make room for it.


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