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Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad this Summer


If you’re thinking about studying abroad, stop daydreaming and start filling out your application. There is no better time than college to take the opportunity to travel, meet new people, and get an education too. In fact, here are our top 10 reasons you should study abroad this summer.

Why You Should Study Abroad

1. Travel Easier

Leaving the country just got easier. Study abroad is the perfect opportunity to get outta dodge, without overthinking it. Most study abroad programs not only arrange your schooling and living arrangements, they also organize excursions and other activities.

2. Take Advantage of Your Freedom

Consider this: at no other time in your life will you have as much flexibility as you do now. People don’t just refer to college as your glory years for nothing! Take advantage of the opportunity while you can. You won’t regret it. 

3. Meet New People

When you study abroad, you make friends and meet people you likely never would have met otherwise. Maybe they’re another journalism major from your program at home or an Australian you meet on a pub crawl. Either way, travel connects you in a way nothing else can.  

4. Break Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to stay home and stick to your normal routine: wake up, go to class, order a pizza, hit the bars. But when you study abroad, you say goodbye to the ordinary. Trek the Inca Trail. Eat a deep-fried scorpion. Try scuba diving. The world is a lot more interesting when you travel.

5. Brush Up or Learn a New Language

Como se dice, “worldly”? Learning a new dialect opens a ton of doors – literally. And the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it. Not only will it be easier to make friends in a new country, it will make you more attractive to future employers. 

6. Spice Up Your Resume

Whether applying for grad school or looking to set yourself apart from other job seekers, study abroad gives you a competitive advantage. Not only does it help to establish you as someone worldly and adventurous, but there is also the possibility that the person or someone on the team will have also have studied abroad, giving you another opportunity to connect with them. 

7. See Your Own Culture Differently

Experiencing another culture is a great way to get a new perspective on your own. Try new cuisines, hear other’s perspectives and get lost in the streets with landscapes unlike any you have ever seen. Push yourself step outside your comfort zone and sign up for an activity you never dare thought you’d try. Breaking down barriers helps you understand there is more than one way to live, and that is one of the most rewarding aspects.

8. Be More Independent

Are you the type of person who can’t eat lunch alone? Does it blow your mind that anyone would ever consider traveling solo? Study abroad may change your perspective. Sure, you still have professors and counselors to help out when you need it, but without your regular support system (mom, dad, best friend since fourth grade) you will learn to take care of yourself.

9. Learn Self Reliance

A big part of growing up is learning to trust your instincts and learning how to make decisions on your own. When you study abroad, a lot of those day-to-day decisions you take for granted at home become more difficult. The good news? You begin to feel more confident with those choices, whether that’s making your own healthcare decisions or simply learning to navigate the Paris Metro.     

10. Become More Interesting

One thing about travelers, they always have a story to tell. And so will you if you study abroad. All those miscues and misunderstandings that seem really stressful in the moment? They make for a great story, and they build character. When you study abroad, you learn about more than books; it’s an education on living.

Study Abroad Storage

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We’re more than a storage facility, at StorQuest we’re champions of a more awesome life. Let us help you make room for awesome with study abroad storage at one of our many locations throughout the United States. 


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