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Tips for a Successful Winter Move


We know that moving day would be better if the sun was shining. Nothing would stop you from getting your move done quickly so you could get back to your adventurous life. But maybe your lease is up in December, or you’re offered the job of a lifetime across the country and you have to move during the snowiest months of the year. Here at StorQuest, we’ve put together a few ways to safely and successfully get your moving done in the winter.

Pack Smart

Since you’re moving during the wintertime, it’s essential to do your packing a little differently and focus on weather-proofing your belongings. Whether you’re moving to a place with freezing temperatures or high precipitation, plastic bins, bags, and wraps are a must. And remember: Electronics and water do not get along well, so definitely make sure to wrap those up before you expose them to the elements.

Prep Your Car 

You may think your car can make it through anything, but frigid weather can do some funky things a vehicle. Whether you’re stuffing your SUV full or you’re prepared to make a couple trips with your truck, prepping your car is crucial to avoid dangerous conditions on the roads. Throw on your winter tires and pack your trunk with a first aid kit, ice scrapers, and road salt to keep your move running as smoothly as possible.

Check the Weather 

Keeping an eye on your weather app may be the most important step in a successful winter move. Inches of snow might mean a powder day up on the mountain, but it can also close roads, cause whiteouts, and create black ice out of nowhere. Moving in the right weather can make all the difference, so if you can, try to be flexible on your exact moving dates until a few days ahead of time. Moving on a sunny but cold day is light years better than trying to move during a blizzard the next day.

Keep Winter Supplies Accessible

If you plan to move to a snowy place, you’re going to want to keep your snow shovel, boots, and warm clothes in a convenient place where you can easily grab them when move-in day arrives. If you pull up to your new home and see fresh snow up your walkway, you can easily grab your shovel and make a path. That way you can avoid slipping while carrying a box of your most fragile possessions.

Protect the Floor

Whether you have hardwood, tile, or carpet flooring, you’re going to want to put down mats or plastic covering to keep your new floors looking move-in ready. Snow and rain are easy to track in and can leave carpets destroyed and wood flooring warped. A little preparation can go a long way toward protecting your new home.

Fire Up Your Utilities 

There’s nothing better after a winter move than taking a nice hot shower and relaxing in front of the fireplace with a good movie. But in order to do that, you need to make sure your water, heat, and electricity are set up and good to go! A few weeks before you make the big move, be sure to give your utilities provider a call to get them switched over, so you can unpack and settle into your new home comfortably.

Rent a Storage Unit

If the weather still prevents you from moving even after you take all these precautions, renting a storage unit and staying with friends or family until it’s safer is the best option. With StorQuest’s many locations across the country, we’ll make sure to keep watch over your belongings until you’re ready to embark on life’s next big adventure. 


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