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Three Reasons You Might Think of Self Storage During the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday: you are watching the game intently – or at least snacking on some good grub and checking out the million dollar commercials during the breaks. You may think you are focused on the game, but, we at StorQuest can think of at least three reasons you will have self storage on your mind in between tackles, completions, and punts.

1. “Wow, those athletes are in such good shape. I used to be that fast. Yowza, look at the cheerleaders’ uniforms! Can you pass me another jalapeno popper and some nachos? Maybe its time to clear out our spare room and set up some gym equipment. I’ll start exercising tomorrow. StorQuest has a Free Truck and Driver program at many locations so I can easily move all that stuff into self storage.”

2. “I’m so glad the neighbors invited us over to watch the Super Bowl. They have such a great living room. Lots of space and good seating. I think I would invite people over more if we didn’t have all that stuff in the living room. Maybe next weekend I will pack it all up and send it to StorQuest. Maybe I will host the Super Bowl next year!”

3. “That commercial for (insert car here) really makes me want to go buy one. But, if I had a great car like that, I would definitely want to park it in my garage. But my garage is so full. If I cleaned out my garage, and stored all that stuff at StorQuest, then I could go buy that awesome car!”

So you see, you may think you are enjoying the game, but you are really thinking of how StorQuest can make your life better. Touchdown!


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