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The Walk-in Closet of Your Dreams

In honor of Simplify Your Life Week, we started to think of closets.  Let’s be honest; we could all be better at cleaning out our closets of stuff we do not wear and being more efficient with space.

But, the truth of the matter is, we dream of having a huge walk-in, so that we wouldn’t have to make the tough decisions about what to keep and what to toss.  We’re certainly not advocating waste or excess here, but c’mon – huge closets are COOL!  Who hasn’t shopped around for a new apartment or home and gotten giddy when they discovered a huge bedroom closet?  Most of us probably don’t have a huge walk-in closet – we can still dream, right?  With that in mind, check out these epic walk-ins:

This closet seems to have space for EV-ER-Y-THING!

Walk in closet with tons of page and a dresser in the middle

While a cool closet, it would be truly sad if this person really only dressed in taupe, gray and white everyday!

Enough room for over 80 pairs of shoes

Who do you think would own this closet?  Darth Vader?  Christian Grey?

Dark black and grey closet

The true representation of “wash and wear!”

Closet with built in washer

Where are all the clothes?  At least she could wear the fur on the floor if she needs some outerwear.

A hall of closet space

Shoes, glorious shoes!

Shoes only closet lounge

Just dress, and you are out the door!

Closet to entryway

True, not many of us have the space for closets like these. Well, that’s okay…for all your extra stuff, you’ve always got StorQuest Self Storage!


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