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The Ultimate Decluttering Checklist


Admit it. You’ve binged Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix already, but you’re still tripping over your camping gear every morning in the garage. Well, we have good news: Decluttering doesn’t have to be a chore! Start 2019 off strong with StorQuest’s ultimate decluttering checklist. In just a few hours, you can find yourself with a ton of new storage space – so you’ll finally have room for the new snowboard you’ve been eyeing.

Before You Start

Before you dive into tidying up each room, designate three sections in your home for items that fall into three categories: toss, donate, or store in your StorQuest unit.

The Kitchen

  • First things first, go through every drawer and cabinet. Clear everything out and start a pile for items to keep and items to toss. Reorganize each space, or try out some creative storage ideas to make everything fit better. Take any unneeded items to your designated toss, donate, or store piles you created.
  • Dust off any decor you have and consider if these decorative pieces add to the style of the kitchen or just add to the clutter.
  • Keep only essential items on your countertops. Anything you don’t use on a daily basis should go into a cupboard or drawer.

The Bedroom

  • Tackle the random items on any surfaces – end tables, dresser, desk, vanity etc. Clear everything off and – just like in the kitchen – keep only the essentials and decor. Toss, donate, or put away everything else.
  • Pick up everything on the ground that shouldn’t be there and place it on the bed. Make separate piles – what needs to be put away in the room, what needs to go to a different room, and what should go to your designated piles. Work through each pile until you can finally see your bed again.
  • Clear those dressers. If you haven't worn the item in the last year, then you probably won’t and it’s time to get rid of it. If you have seasonal clothes or gear, add it to the storage pile. Fold everything else and organize them back into the drawer.

The Closet

  • Sort your clothes by category – jeans, shirts, shoes/boots, dresses etc. – have a pile for dirty clothes, repair/dry cleaning, donate, toss, and seasonal.
  • Look for creative ways to tuck things away, like adding bins under your bed, over-the-door storage, etc. Try minimizing what you keep on the floor of the closet by adding shelves and a second row of hanging space.

The Living Room

  • Scan the coffee table, entertainment center, bookcase, and side tables. Pile everything that needs to go back into another room and put those things away.
  • For everything else that is visible, but not a piece of your decor, consider a hidden storage space to disguise them.
  • Then make the finishing touches –  fold the throw blankets, straighten up the pillows, etc.

The Bathrooms

  • Sort through the medicine cabinet, drawers, below the sink, and shower. Toss items that are expired or haven’t been used in a year.
  • Remove the items cluttering up your sink and counter and organize them in drawers or the medicine cabinet. Only keep the necessities – hand soap, hand towel, small decor items, etc.
  • Invest in some bins or drawer separators to organize the items you’ve tucked away.

Store With the Best

Once you’ve made room in your home and stored your items, it’s time to get back out into the world and experience the endless adventures it has to offer. For all of your storage tips, adventure advice, and life hacks, check out the StorQuest blog.


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