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The Many Uses for Your Garage – Hang Out Den, Home Gym, or Zen Den

When people think of their garage, many are genuinely frightened by the clutter that takes up their supposed ‘car space.’ The truth is, a garage can be much more than a space to store things. When you get creative, the outcomes are endless. Your garage can keep your car safe, but it can do so much more.

Hang Out Den

Sometimes you want to get away from it all, and the garage, once it has been insulated and furnished, is a great place to do so. The garage is separate from the rest of the house while keeping you within reach of all of the comforts of home. Use it to give your teens a safe place to go, create a coveted “man-cave,” or turn it into a reading or gaming nook for yourself.

Description: MyHomeGym

Home Gym

Tired of waiting for a treadmill at the nearby gym?  Convert part of your garage into a private place to work out.   Home gym equipment and gear are readily available to fit whatever exercise that motivates you.  Plus, you get to pick the music or TV station!

Zen Den

Escape the fast pace of the outdoors and find balance in a quiet corner of your garage. Practice headstands and difficult positions without the eyes of others watching. Clear your mind and emerge focused and ready to take on anything you choose to do next.

To create space in your garage, relegate those boxes and bins to a nearby self storage facility.  StorQuest offers a Free Truck and Driver when you move in at most locations, making clearing out the garage easy and affordable.


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